Kaiying and I visited the Singapore Art Museum yesterday. We managed to check out the two ongoing exhibits – Medium at Large and Still Moving. The former focuses on the various mediums (from human hair to live bullets) used by artists to create art while the latter is geared towards photography and videography.


Shaggy by Mella Jaarsma which Kaiying and I found really creepy.


A blur photograph of Kaiying and Status by Jane Lee.




I liked this piece a lot. I felt that its texture and how the crazy use of acrylic challenges the classification of this piece of art (Is it a painting, sculpture or installation?) is really fascinating.




Interesting feedback pillars and messages found!


Another piece which left an impression on me was You and I by Song-Ming Ang. In this project, the artist got people to send him personal letters and in return, he would compile a mixed tape for each of them. One of the displayed letters had four pages of such cursive (or horrendous) handwriting that Kaiying and I had to spend fifteen minutes deciphering :p


We also browsed the museum shop before leaving for the Still Moving exhibition at 8Q. There were many cool, cute and Singaporeany souvenirs to see there.

I’ve never been crazy about photography (evident from the poor pictures I take but still upload anyway, haha) but I really fancied Suntory Hall, Tokyo by Martin Liebscher.


Every single person in the above picture is the artist himself! Just imagine the sheer amount of effort it took!

Admissions are free for Singaporeans and PRs. There are also guided tours and activity sheets (for students). Click here for more details.

Great Scott!


Photo 24-10-14 6 59 59 pm

Deepavali this year marked my first attempt at drawing a person.

Or anything with a face, really.

Yesterday was a nice day spent at the airport.

Kaiying asked me if Christopher Llyod was still living. I said yes, but googled it for confirmation anyway. And that was when I found out that his birth date was 22 October – Deepavali! I drew Christopher Llyod on his birthday without realizing it! Cool beans!

I’m quite happy with how the drawing turned out though, because I hadn’t been the most diligent at checking proportions. And that, my friends, explains how Dr. Emmett Brown had gotten so fat! HAHAHA :p

Still, after all this time.


When I was six, papa got a new Motorola at an exorbitant price, to which I proudly told him:

“I know how we can buy phones at cheaper prices!”


“Just wait for newer phones to come out and then buy the older phones!”

Papa then scoffed at my genius suggestion.

“Why would you want to use outdated things? Why don’t you just study hard and earn more money so that you can buy whichever phone you like and advance with technology?”

Countless times in recent years, I have found myself wanting to abandon the iPhone 4S for my old Nokia 3100. It is the phone that has remained ever so faithful to me ever since I was in Primary 5, and the phone I could turn to whenever those lousy Sony Ericssons died on me before my two-year contracts were up throughout my secondary school years. Mind you, I even had a dream about it.

Truth is, I can’t keep up with the advancement in technology. I miss the time when people would spend time crafting their texts to make every character count so that they needn’t waste another five cents. I miss the time when instead of chatting over Whatsapp, people met up to catch up. I miss having real people to talk to face to face. I miss having real friends – the meaty, not pixellated version.

I hate social media.

And I hate myself for succumbing to it.




The wedding banquet at Medan was scheduled to be held on 9th October. EGG, Tiwi and I reached four days earlier to tie up any loose ends, while the rest of the family were to fly over only on the 8th. Alas, a series of unfortunate events, this trip turned out to be.

1. Detention at Kualanamu Airport

 photo 769f6e84-a9b0-4d8d-aa7a-410424ce25dd_zps12e7ecf4.jpg

 photo cd399c48-5095-4c89-8610-617c26436dbf_zps8efe3d9f.jpg

 photo 4cccb4fc-9b59-44cb-8097-c77778444074_zpsb4b79cd2.jpg

where N = price of branded items, x = random percentage, #!@&* = crazy amount to pay

No official forms were used, just good old normal A4 paper.
For all we know, this might be what’s really happening:

 photo 0e86d27b-a2d9-4283-8a13-adf1a9111a13_zps13876f49.jpg

2. Stomach Flu

 photo 6daac46a-c0c3-48aa-a60e-ea0a8203da95_zps67613fa7.jpg

It definitely wasn’t the heavenly duck bee hoon (DAMN GOOD, I TELL YOU!) or the satay padang. Even if it was, it’d be well worth the while. Haha.

3. Retinal Detachment

Auntie’s retina detached completely the day after the banquet, probably due to lack of rest and stress. Immediate medical attention was required, meaning that she had to fly to Singapore ASAP. But…

4. Volcano Eruption

 photo d22d8939-622b-4cd8-abe6-e3b4f4565347_zpsb4dadd52.jpg

On our second day there, Mt. Sinabung decided to join in the celebrations too. Its enthusiasm led to…

5. Flight Delays/Cancellations

As a result, a whole lot of guests (Mum, DGG, SJJ, BB, Ahmah, Sargou, Dagu, Daguzhang, Ahyi, Yizhang, Jaya and Tiwi’s colleagues) couldn’t make it to the banquet and I was EGG’s only family member/guest/VIP at the Medan reception!

 photo 4e9de412-9242-45e4-86ea-846a29eee65c_zps4f9ca144.jpg

A blur picture would have to suffice because I haven’t got the deceased scanner replaced.

Flight reschedule also meant delayed treatment for Auntie’s eye and a possibility that EGG, Tiwi and I couldn’t make it back in time for the banquet in Singapore. Thankfully, however, we did. Though the experience wasn’t one easily forgettable. Auntie’s eye operation also went smoothly thanks to minmin jiejie’s help in appointing a good eye surgeon.

Conclusion: What. A. Trip.



Loneliness is when you cooked a meal* for five people but are the only one at home.

Hey why ain’t nobody home yet???

*rice, soup, vegetables, fish and curry

July, August, September 2014


What, it’s mid-October already??!


July was somewhat a five-week month and I spent the bulk of it struggling with juggling two jobs. Everyday I found myself in doubt, wondering how I am to survive two more months of working seven days a week. It was so mentally exhausting, I eventually pleaded with Dr Ban to let me quit at the end of August :p

 photo IMG_7439_zps4d5b0d4b.jpg

Got a day off due to Hari Raya Puasa falling on a weekday. Family outing to Botanical Gardens.


The first three weeks of August remained equally depressing. Clay, flowers and Harry Potter were all that kept me sane.

 photo IMG_7475_zpsd91fa6ba.jpg

 photo IMG_7521_zps582859bc.jpg

 photo IMG_7548_zps464cd5bb.jpg

 photo IMG_7596_zpsb975e0b7.jpg

 photo 89f6a818-7151-4fa6-a162-ae4e466b80ef_zps7124def9.jpg

 photo IMG_7727_zpsee655552.jpg

 photo IMG_7729_zps18b59dc0.jpg

 photo IMG_7794_zpsd230e3cc.jpg

Melanie and I got reprimanded by Hitler during my last week at IMCB – we were too naive. And Ailing treated us to a farewell lunch at Big Mama.

 photo IMG_7575_zps4f058ace.jpg

 photo IMG_7577_zps42930bc4.jpg

 photo 4576b3d1-2e55-4f09-9ce8-ddec129bd14c_zpsb0cf87c6.jpg

Surprise from colleagues at the flower shop. Cheryl and June even wrapped me a birthday hamper!* :’) EGG also returned from Beijing (for good?).


Just when I thought I could finally get started on the portfolio, September got consumed by spring cleaning, house renovations and wedding preparations. My favourite month was gone in just a blink of an eye.

 photo IMG_7592_zpsdb7e9fd2.jpg

Didn’t even get to say goodbye to the faithful desk which served me for 11 years.

 photo IMG_7615_zps8428d3bb.jpg

 photo IMG_7616_zps2f3294e5.jpg

 photo IMG_7617_zpsf6ff29cb.jpg

 photo IMG_7618_zpsde836ce5.jpg

 photo IMG_7619_zps3745e59c.jpg

 photo IMG_7620_zps05589a47.jpg

 photo IMG_7621_zps3de886ce.jpg

 photo IMG_7622_zpsd3c7126a.jpg

 photo IMG_7623_zps71e63e07.jpg

Food tasting at Pan Pacific

 photo IMG_7629_zps21b9551f.jpg

Lola’s cafe with Victor and Wenjin before Victor’s enlistment

 photo IMG_7676_zpsed0a5d13.jpg

Ziying jiejie’s wedding. Tried to get the little imp to wear a shirt but he cried like crazy. HAHAHA.

 photo 9c89e96e-9e44-48a6-acd5-1f718d73cff1_zpsbe9e0dca.jpg

Grub with Madeline and Olivia. Grainy.


Other miscellaneous pictures:

 photo IMG_7533_zpsfd04d4b7.jpg


 photo IMG_7805_zpsad9a641d.jpg

Popping bubble wrap is serious business!

 photo IMG_7709_zps0c8064d5.jpg

KB Lab interns

 photo IMG_7782_zps42d58cef.jpg

EGG’s masterpiece featuring me in his room, lol!

 photo IMG_7692_zpsdc9cae1a.jpg

 photo IMG_7693_zps02fcdc6c.jpg


 photo e98ac93e-293c-4f41-a774-4329c327358d_zps7ea2db55.jpg

I died a little inside when I decided to upload this. First ever attempt at watercolour and I tried painting a landscape haha! 不自量力 :p

 photo IMG_7790_zpsd58fd42c.jpg

Second and third attempts. Forget landscapes, let’s try something a little more manageable!

 photo IMG_7912_zps160e1166.jpg

With the other receptionist :)


Now, half of October has vanished! Three and a half more months to submission, please let there be no more distractions and procrastination :p

*which remains unopened, hahaha