Shut the lights and go to sleep


What is a lighthouse if it isn’t fixed by the sea?


Interstellar was a good movie with stunning visuals. Space travel stuff never fails to give me the creeps, yet amaze the crap out of me. Only, I don’t understand why humans need to survive. It seems to me that we are just mayflies, albeit with much longer lifespans.


Today, I found out that I’m more of an INFJ than INTJ. Finally, everything makes sense!

Snips & Snaps


There’s something therapeutic about watching cakes being iced, pots being thrown and dominoes being toppled. Is that just me, or do you guys feel it too?


Recently, I’ve been practicing using the Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop (Kaiying’s suggestion)

 photo 744763eb-68ed-4f5a-9d81-a460865ddb1f_zps9341f866.png

 photo 3_zpsffda130c.jpg

 photo 1efbbf70-7686-4819-8cb7-12a8860d981b_zps0e1ca63b.png

 photo 5_zps36539192.jpg

This model is absolutely gorgeous! \(*v*)/
I traced them off pictures found on Pinterest, does this count as an infringement of copyright?


Collecting my daily freebies as usual when suddenly… Ninja Nimmo!

 photo Capture1_zps5248ed08.jpg

These babies then appeared in my inventory:

 photo Capture2_zpsc520d942.jpg

But that was a few months ago. I don’t dare to visit the Neopets site anymore because I can’t stop playing once I’m there *shudders* and I now have far more important things to do, than to collect virtual omelette that can’t fill my stomach in the real world.


Anyway, I FINALLY watched Frozen last week! I know… slow (-_-”)

 photo Capture_zpsf1c30470.jpg

Did you spot this in the credits? HA!

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt


 photo 25394223-e7fd-499e-8efb-adecbc61d8b5_zps5c023034.jpg

Because this newbie still doesn’t know how to use Illustrator and InDesign, she drew it out.

This design has been revolving in my head for some time now. And by ‘some time’, I actually mean since the second time I read the book, which was… about a year ago. Hm.

Anyway, the pile of corpse was drawn based on this picture reference:


I flipped it across horizontally and tried to “flatten” it as much as possible so that it doesn’t look too gruesome, haha. And here’s the reference for the broken watch:


This is how it looked before I totally ruined it with poster paint:

 photo 278a52c0-3cb9-4ae1-9297-995ea66d0e59_zpsff880a77.jpg

“… because there’s nothing intelligent to say about a massacre. Everybody is supposed to be dead, to never say anything or want anything ever again. Everything is supposed to be very quiet after a massacre, and it always is, except for the birds. And what do birds say?”

 photo daec0039-9ed0-49ee-a33c-4af1316a88cc_zps1bd31685.jpg

While normal people had the illusion of having control over time, Billy Pilgrim did not. The broken watch signifies that.

 photo Photo7-11-14121500pm_zps55d02e22.jpg

I haven’t used these since primary school! Thus, I was pleasantly surprised when the contents in the tubes still remained fluid after all these years.

Though the final product didn’t turn out to be quite what I envisioned, I’m still pretty satisfied with the hand-lettering :)

P/S: I’m desperately in need of a new scanner!!! Can’t wait for the next IT fair.

Time is nothing but a line




A bulb lighted up beside my head the other day. The idea involved some watercolour, dip pens, ombré effects and a whole lot of trial and error. It also means that I never have to buy coloured ink ever again!


The view outside after a storm. Someone lost a piece of undergarment, lol!


Stuff from long time ago finally got bisqued…


… and glazed! The strokes could have been much better executed if I had used my own brushes :p It was my first time using underglaze directly on the clay (without engraving) and I’m not sure if the colours would run. We shall see :)

I only managed to send one piece for the upcoming wood-firing due to last month’s events – such a pity. So to prepare myself for the next one in April, I’m already crazy stocking up now (^-^”) Really hope I’d be able to make it next year!



Kaiying and I visited the Singapore Art Museum yesterday. We managed to check out the two ongoing exhibits – Medium at Large and Still Moving. The former focuses on the various mediums (from human hair to live bullets) used by artists to create art while the latter is geared towards photography and videography.


Shaggy by Mella Jaarsma which Kaiying and I found really creepy.


A blur photograph of Kaiying and Status by Jane Lee.




I liked this piece a lot. I felt that its texture and how the crazy use of acrylic challenges the classification of this piece of art (Is it a painting, sculpture or installation?) is really fascinating.




Interesting feedback pillars and messages found!


Another piece which left an impression on me was You and I by Song-Ming Ang. In this project, the artist got people to send him personal letters and in return, he would compile a mixed tape for each of them. One of the displayed letters had four pages of such cursive (or horrendous) handwriting that Kaiying and I had to spend fifteen minutes deciphering :p


We also browsed the museum shop before leaving for the Still Moving exhibition at 8Q. There were many cool, cute and Singaporeany souvenirs to see there.

I’ve never been crazy about photography (evident from the poor pictures I take but still upload anyway, haha) but I really fancied Suntory Hall, Tokyo by Martin Liebscher.


Every single person in the above picture is the artist himself! Just imagine the sheer amount of effort it took!

Admissions are free for Singaporeans and PRs. There are also guided tours and activity sheets (for students). Click here for more details.

Great Scott!


Photo 24-10-14 6 59 59 pm

Deepavali this year marked my first attempt at drawing a person.

Or anything with a face, really.

Yesterday was a nice day spent at the airport.

Kaiying asked me if Christopher Llyod was still living. I said yes, but googled it for confirmation anyway. And that was when I found out that his birth date was 22 October – Deepavali! I drew Christopher Llyod on his birthday without realizing it! Cool beans!

I’m quite happy with how the drawing turned out though, because I hadn’t been the most diligent at checking proportions. And that, my friends, explains how Dr. Emmett Brown had gotten so fat! HAHAHA :p