Everybody do the flop!

I made a sequel (sort of) for the ugly slug shortly after I’ve uploaded it. Just thought that the second drawing might complete the picture and I believe my judgement was correct.

I’m starting to strain under all my workload once more but this time they are accompanied by a burn, which has proven to have made the million and one things on my plate five times harder to get through. Being the cowardly tortoise that I am, sweet escape is what I opted for – 200 pages into the fifth – if you know what I’m referring to.

Motivation, motivation, where art thou?

I just hope to have a decent well-deserved break before school commences which, owing to an unfortunate loss of insight, seems as though it would take magic to make it happen.

Material World


Pen and Watercolour

“I know, I know. But I don’t want to be rich. All I need is a simple life.”

The picture turned out so differently from what I wanted *cough* due to lack of skills *cough*.


Denim has this interesting texture that I can’t seem to capture using watercolour. Not to mention the ‘metal coated in green paint’, LOL. And the wood, of course. I could have done better. But I suppose people aren’t the least interested in my bashing of my work so… please enjoy the amateur typography, I guess? :)

Aside from that, this blog turns four today!

I switched from Blogger to WordPress four years ago when I started school at SP.

It’s amazing how time flies.

March 2015

What a month!

You might find the phrase, Project Mystique, sprinkled throughout this post. Some of you might already know, but I am not going to tell anybody else what it is about, heh! >:-D

*wiggles fingers and makes woooooo~ sounds*

But for those visually inclined, I am kind enough to provide you with something to picture every time the phrase is being brought up. Here it is:

 photo IMG_9098_zpsnbur4cel.jpg

I just find this bouquet as mysterious as the project itself (lol). Purple is a mysterious colour ;)

01 Min min jie jie’s Wedding

 photo IMG_9344_zpse0ecmvpx.png

Gorgeous, gorgeous!

After the morning ceremony at zipek’s house, EGG and Tiwi accompanied me on a trip to Plaza Sing in preparation for Project Mystique. #weilizhimin banquet was held at Mandarin Oriental that evening. We were served super yummylicious food all night long! :D

02 Hypersensitivity reactions are not cool

Woke up to find my legs covered in what I thought were gigantic mosquito bites. EGG pointed out that they didn’t seem like mozzie kisses at all and urged me to see a doctor but I brushed him off. Then when afternoon came…

 photo IMG_8957_zpsmvivsoq4.jpg

I turned into what Kaiying calls “A Human Globe”. That’s my arm if you are wondering. My legs got it worse! So a visit to K.K Tan was in order. He gave me anti-histamines which made me really drowsy and I had to skip lesson that night :( I still have no idea what triggered the hives?

06 Lucky Plaza, Textile Centre, National Library

Project Mystique gave me a chance to explore the town and bugis area, something I would otherwise probably never do. Spent the evening browsing books in the library before lesson :)

10 Classmates with Min again after 4 years!

Headed to school for poster submission that evening. Since we were required to leave the class, I crashed min’s class and consulted with Matthew that night instead of next evening! Saved me a trip there, hehe!

11 Textile Centre

Alas, I still had to make a trip to that area because Project Mystique (^-^”)

12 Project Mystique

Had min help submit my animation that evening because my hands were tied. Thank you!

13 Project Mystique

Busy, busy day! Finally, it was over by evening and I went with Tiwi to fetch binbin. That was the day he refused to go home and planked on the floor, underneath his classmates’ table and chair!!! EGG came to the rescue and brought some Old Chang Kee cheese balls along which I greedily munched on throughout our the walk home.

Met my primary school classmate’s mum on our way back and I am deeply saddened by the fact that the only thing she seems to be capable of saying to me whenever we met is how much weight I have lost. Please, I am more than my size, madam. Can’t you just get over it and fill me in on how your daughter is doing or at least show some interest in what I have been up to instead? :(

 photo IMG_9070_zpsttzkka48.jpg

On a happier note, we brought out and played a few rounds of our (nearly) antique UNO cards that night after nYears. I’m not kidding, this deck of cards is older than me!

14 Peace Centre

Min and I had Bangkok Jam for lunch after printing stuff before I left for work and she for home.

15 #cutforsubmission

My crazy busy days were still not over. Intended to burn some midnight oil to do up my paper bag after work on saturday but ended up slicing my index finger with a penknife and wasting time stopping the bleeding (-_-)

16 #cutforsubmission

MAD. RUSH. Had to forgo lunch to print and settle all the stuff for submission that night. I cut myself while doing the paper bag prototype again!?!

17 #cutforsubmission

Wasn’t even in a rush, yet I cut myself for the third consecutive time in three days!?!?!?!
Seriously, so done with penknives!!!

18 Chili’s with Kaiying

 photo IMG_9133_zpsco3aybn8.jpg

in celebration of the end of my hectic-slightly more than-a-fortnight. Lunch was followed by a super relaxing afternoon spent reading at the library. Well-deserved break, I’d say! :D

19 SG50 Umbrella Design

Winnie from my visual communication class told us about this informal umbrella designs that her husband needed and she kindly got us to help out with! More practice for me :)

20 Dinner with Triangle

 photo IMG_9152_zps9v7rxeqn.jpg

 photo IMG_9158_zpsjqub0gdj.jpg

 photo IMG_9160_zpsstor4hcg.jpg

Happy, happy night out!

23 National Mourning

The day our country’s founding father left us :(

27 Dinner at Swee Choon with the family

 photo IMG_9173_zpscdpxuyw1.jpg

The next day at work, I received a belated CNY ang pow from the boss whom I have only seen once and who might not even know of my existence?! Mum says I’m silly because it’s certainly just peanuts to him but I am still so happy and thankful because I know he was not obliged to yet he still gave me one (^-^)

28 Family Day to USS & Sea Aquarium!

 photo IMG_9220_zpstrkvl5hr.jpg

I now know why my photo-taking pose is forever that lame twist. It runs in the family. HAHAHA.

 photo IMG_9233_zpsch5td44y.jpg

The little boy was sulking throughout the day until we had dinner at Chili’s that night. HAHA!

And that’s March for me! Hectic, happening, and happy!!! :D

Gone nuts for nuts for nuts (Part 2)

I didn’t upload the animation previously because of a few reasons such as the following:

1. The nested MovieClips in the animation doesn’t play when I exported Flash to AVI.
2. When I tried Flash to MOV, the final product lagged like crazy.
3. SWF lags in my (probably too old) Fujitsu.
4. But works perfectly when the window size is reduced, and when played in school.
5. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to embed SWF files into WordPress.
6. Or even into the Internet itself, for that matter. LOL! #ITidiot

Anyway, I found a SWF to MP4 converter today! And finally uploaded my first YouTube video EVER!


So watch it!


Sorry, I meant… could you please watch it?


Alright even if you don’t, I still have a fan, hehe.

Said fan is none other than……….my nephew! He LOVES it!!! Evidence being, he says, “I want peanut! Peanut!!!” whenever he sees my laptop or my phone. *shows-off*

Okay. Bye-bye.

Since Thursday night


Pen and Watercolour

Meds are anything but of help. I have a sneaking suspicion that they might even be the cause of my persisting headache. What with all the sleeping and eating and sleeping and reading (leisure, not work), it is needless to say that my pile of assignments remains untouched.

Oh well, at least the hollowness in my limbs is gone.

P/S: Convenient, they might be, but traditional paintbrushes are much easier to use as compared to the waterbrush.