What am I even doing?

Jazz is just sexy. Okay, stop infecting me with your romance.

Seriously, idk what I’m even doing these days. Restlessness is like a drug.

I’ve made the decision not to attend hall camp at long last. Desperately in need of that extra five days to get my head back in the game and my schedule in order. I’ll find a way to integrate into hall…somehow. I suppose.

Can’t wait to check out the room and meet the roomie. Do hope that we can live together harmoniously. At the very least.

Oh yes, and still so torn between critical writing and mastering communication.
Little help here, anyone?

Hide your kids, hide your wives


 photo IMG_0144_zpsjgydnpw2.jpg

I received the coolest enlistment letter ever and was instructed to confirm my attendance here.


Upon registration, we had to go through this scanner thingy to sort us into our respective factions. I got allocated into Bulwark (which essentially means the military) before finally meeting my OG mates for the first time! We attempted to break some ice. That night, however, all of us were found to be infected with the lamia virus and were sent for termination. Fortunately, a secret savior decided to rescue us. It was an awesome experience!!!


Troopers, missing Wesley!

 photo IMG_9896_zpstgcd6kmc.jpg

Distracting the zombies (by twerking it out, lol)

 photo IMG_9894_zpsvjjzylll.jpg

Training our sixth sense, of which Elaine already has plenty

 photo IMG_9899_zps7fffvzym.jpg

Learning to save resources – really?


Final competition of the day, in trying to win the bungalow, which we lost. Oh well, hahaha.

Behind the scenes: The making of our machine gun


 photo IMG_0020_zpsy1pom9vk.jpg

Guess who I chanced upon during camp??????!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanjun biao mei~~~

At the station where Siqi came to realize that she can never become a detective.

Badass Mingrui protecting our totem!!!

Eve is good. Eve is great. Eve will save us all.

We made the best parachute in under 15 minutes!!!

At the BBQ black market auction, seconds before we lost our totem. Yikes!

Trying to win it back

Qtpie Leeleng and us playing polar bear (“Finally!” says Orion) in the background, haha

Later that night, we had a Ma Cherie photo shoot (laughed till my ribs hurt) and truth session.

 photo IMG_9950_zpsulpszcnj.jpg

 photo IMG_9948_zpszn0opdke.jpg

 photo IMG_9915_zpsgmpq3yd8.jpg

 photo IMG_9920_zpsunv4xlcs.jpg

“It’s just… it smells so… good…!” Songyu gasped through his tears as he lathers up the shampoo.


 photo IMG_0028_zpskvl0q6vt.jpg

Because we’re that efficient at props shopping!

 photo IMG_0021_zpsuhmzgedp.jpg

Goodie bag! Baby, I’m so glad I came, can’t wait to take you home with me~

Shuainan, Gary and Siwen. We just couldn’t stop laughing, lol. SP night was super awesome!!!

Anyway, turns out EVE has other motives for recruiting us! *gasps*


 photo IMG_9960_zps1nak3zam.jpg

 photo IMG_9976_zpsrrasbobp.jpg

Prep ; Songyu flaunting his fabulous hair (after using Ma Cherie???)

 photo IMG_9963_zpscu6yiqsz.jpg

Featuring adorable Xingyun as a hungry minion,

 photo IMG_9927_zps2wdt3odw.jpg

Songyu as baigonggong

 photo IMG_9932_zpsledwavir.jpg

and Feli as a beautiful bride with a tragic fate

 photo IMG_9962_zpsydwavxnk.jpg

Hsinwei and Orion – OG couple, LOL

Photo booth after the performance

Everyone had their fun seeing Charlene catwalk that night. That, followed by indian poker and bluff, both of which Eugene and Elaine were so super lousy at, that we couldn’t stop laughing :D


 photo IMG_9966_zps7eklhtov.jpg

We are the troopers!

So glad I managed to force myself out of my comfort zone and signed up for NTU ADM FOC 2015. Please note that photos were koped from EVE Network and my sweet GL, Mingrui.

June 2015

01 Spring Cleaning

I’ve forgotten how neat I actually was during my poly days. What with grouping my notes by modules and packing them away neatly after every semester, packing ended up as a breeze. However, I only managed to throw away half of said notes because I’m too sentimental for my own good -_-”

02 Lunch with Kaiying

Back at an old haunt of ours. The afternoon was then spent in bliss at the library. Such a lucky day it was too! For I managed to find three books (!) I’ve had my eyes on for some time but have never managed to procure :D

04 EGG’s Big Move

First visit to EGG and Tiwi’s newly furnished flat.

05 A Day Out

Had lunch at Jack’s Place with Shuhui and Min where the three of us encountered a super weird restaurant manager. Madeline and I had a good chat for we were two hours early for dinner. Wished we weren’t though, or we could have avoided another weird guy altogether, sigh. Had a hearty meal at Brotzeit that night before heading to Jing’s crib for a few rounds of card games.

07 Triangle

Photo 8-7-15 1 45 10 pm

Teoheng, Strictly Pancakes, awesome company :)

09 Puzzle Mania

Binbin and I have been playing jigsaw puzzles every single night. He has now the determination and competency to complete two sets of kids’ puzzles all by himself, and he’s only two years old! Am I an awesome aunt or what? #brag

Anyway, I caught his jigsaw fever and had to expend that energy by transforming




12 Sok and Weilin


Besties from poly forum!

13 Public Garden with Min

The fair was far more crowded than I had expected it to be, we ended up spending our bucks in DTF, Uniqlo and Toastbox instead. Hehe.

14 Dumplings!


15 Temple, POSB, Jurassic World

Went to the wrong bank to settle my tuition loan hahaha, I’m such a sotong! But the kind man from POSB was kind enough to offer his aid nevertheless. Thankful (^-^)

16 NTU

Wasn’t sure where the medical centre was so I tried following a couple whom I guessed was heading to the same destination as I was. As it turned out, they couldn’t find the place too and my shadowing was subsequently discovered. It was rather embarrassing but at least I didn’t follow the wrong people this time, ha ha. After the health screening, I had to call Daiqian for help because I couldn’t find the place where I was supposed to submit certain forms even after having roamed about for an hour or so (._.)” What a day!

20 Victor’s Birthday Party


It was a relief Marcus and I managed to make our way to Studio M Hotel eventually. My summer santa stint was completed by delivering the last of the day’s presents to Sean, just a few minutes before his actual birthday ended. Mission accomplished!

22 Driving is fun!

23 Driving sucks!

24 I might just be able to do this!

25 No, I can’t!

26 Slow and steady…

27 Pleasant day spent with mummy

We finally tried out the legendary shiok maki! And spent the soon-to-be-expired Isetan vouchers.

28 Cash Studio with BFFs

We’ve been friends for 14 years and only until now do we finally hear one another sing?!
Joey, Jing and I saw another side of Sean that day.

29 Yes, I think I got it!

30 I got it!

(to be continued…)

A List Of A Few Other Lists

#1 A List Of Things Siqi Needs To Do

1. Prepare cards and gifts
2. Design some stuff
3. Design more stuff
4. Help her mum with something
5. Buy groceries
6. Find a roommate (unlikely to happen)
7. Apply for hall without a roommate
8. Force herself to apply for camp
9. Take an okay-ish picture of her face
10. Start on a new book

#2 A List Of Things Siqi Is Afraid Of

1. Listing the Complete List Of Things Siqi Is Afraid Of here
2. People using the contents of the above-mentioned against her
3. Eyes
4. Unfriendly Living Things
5. Unfriendly Imaginary Creatures

#3 A List Of Things Siqi Ate Yesterday

1. Kueh Lapis
2. Tea
3. Rice
4. Pork Rib Radish Soup
5. Beancurd
6. Ba Zhang
7. Bean sprouts
8. Tomato
9. Fish
10. Fishcake
11. Mango
12. Banana
13. Yan Yan
14. Ferrero Rocher
15. Chocolate

#4 A List Of Things Siqi Would Like To Receive For Her Birthday

1. A lifetime supply of self-confidence
2. A handwritten letter from the gifter (min. 1000 words) snail-mailed to her house
3. A visit from a friendly imaginary creature
4. A copy of the gifter’s favourite book (preferably fiction)
5. A jigsaw puzzle (min. 500 pieces) that the gifter and Siqi could play together
6. A small sewing machine
7. A cure for anxiety
8. A pensieve
9. A book the gifter knows she’ll like
10. A whatever that the gifter has put a lot of thought and effort into

#5 A List Of Things Siqi Feels Should Be in This List Such That The List Of A Few Other Lists Would Have Five Items

1. Jurassic World!!!!!
2. Yesterday, I Asked You
3. The Hundred Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared
4. Durian
5. The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time

May 2015

01 Pottermore

I remember being super-duper excited when it first came out, before getting all disappointed to find that only two chapters (or moments) were released. Though I’ve been constantly receiving email updates, the thought of returning just never occurred to me till Labour Day this year. Anyway, I was so extremely happy to see so many new moments and new reads that I spent the entire day exploring the site. Hehe!

Had to create a new account because I couldn’t recall my previous username and password. That means I get to get a new wand, and also, sorted all over again. Yay!

 photo Ravenclaw_zpshi9kgkf1.jpg

Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure!

 photo Wand_zpscs2jjgxk.jpg

03 Modelling Fun

Played Plasticine with binbin before heading out for work

09 ADM Tea Party

NTU is so far away from home!!! But I made an acquaintance that day. We hit off quite well I suppose because both of us were caught in circumstances which are shockingly similar. We then went for the graduation show and the place was basically oozing with creative energy. Will I ever become as cool as them???

 photo IMG_9451_zpsrnyx2cve.jpg

Loots for the day. Well, I suppose NK Tan will be happy with my collection hahaha :D

Headed to waipo’s house that evening for dinner.

10 Mothers’ Day

Busy day at the florist’s! :)

13 Dental

Tiwi and I passed our BTTs that morning (^-^) I got lost on the way to Toa Payoh Polyclinic and had to ask a kind auntie to point me in the correct direction! That was with the aid of Google maps. Goes to show how much sense of direction I possess, LOL.

20 Dim Sum with min

I crashed her class with Matthew the day before but both of us still needed to go for a final consultation as we were still struggling. Sort of. Luckily it didn’t take long, so we ended up leaving early and having dinner at Victor’s Kitchen before burning some midnight oil together back at my place.

25 Submission Week

My classmates from VC brought me to a Thai place on Wednesday for dinner while we were waiting for our work to be assessed. The food there was superb!!! :D

29 Paper Cutting for Cheryl

 photo 486c1dd8-3feb-4c34-bfd7-4e7f1e788200_zpsju7yafd1.jpg

I think I did alright for a first attempt (^-^”) The process was deeply therapeutic as well.

31 Ta-ta!

Last day of work, I will miss my colleagues so much. They are the nicest bunch of people ever.

 photo Photo 31-5-15 11 05 29 pm_zpsdusu1hof.jpg

Not forgetting all the flowers from Henry, haha :’)