I bought a tube of Colgate charcoal toothpaste today. It tastes like Sarsi.

I’m amused πŸ˜„


Trending at minminjiejie and weili’s wedding tonight – #ahmaandi


Might have bitten off more than I can chew, yet chewing on nonetheless. Not out of stubbornness but because I’d rather choke to death than to waste the bite.

Here’s hoping that my determination will see me through. I really don’t wish to end up coated in barf. Again, not because I’d dirty myself (I can always clean myself up) but what if my puke stains the clothes of others?



by Pink Martini

I fell in love when I first heard this in Secondary Two IAP Dance.
No one knew the title or artist. Furthermore, the foreign language made it impossible for me to Google by lyrics as I didn’t know French, and so I’ve lived in oblivion for years.


*pops champagne*

If you want to find a title of a song but don’t know any of its lyrics, you can find it via the app called “Shazam”. Just play the music or hum a short sequence and viola! Your life is now complete. You’re welcome :)

I deleted all the images I’ve ever uploaded into WordPress media yesterday and some of my posts have missing pictures now -_-” Never mind.

January 2015

01 New Year

Mum, EGG, Kang Wei and I played mahjong. I lost miserably hahaha what a way to start the year!

16 Daiqian’s 21st



23 Jillyn

I totally forgot about our date until she texted me that evening asking if it was still on, oops.

24 Kaiying’s 21st

The occasion went un-celebrated because work.

25 Steamboat at Grandma’s

Wasn’t able to make it initially due to work but coincidentally, June wanted to swap her shift with me. Wheeeee! Played charades with all the cousins that night and we had lots of fun.

28 Kow & Riju

Haven’t met these girls in forever! Finally, a catch-up before both of them flies off to Aussie.

In other news,

My heart seems to be making emotion salad, tossing my feelings around, making me sick.


Hyperbole and a Half

Feelings get washed away with time, until ultimately, they’re reduced to insignificance.
Makes me wonder, yet again, what our whole life is even about.



I’m putting ceramic lessons on hold once again. This time, to make way for the two NAFA courses. Here are some of my most recent stuff that I haven’t posted before.

 photo DSC05996_zpsuf7ngete.jpg

 photo DSC05997_zpsctocohmn.jpg

From last time, my first attempts at using under-glazes.
I like that it has a watercolour feel. The black ruined everything though.

 photo DSC05946_zpsincfldab.jpg

Trying to see if under-glaze would “run” on a flat surface. I was pleased to find that it did not.

 photo DSC05969_zpsczmwc6zj.jpg

Flying Saucer. Am I punny? HAHA.

 photo DSC05998_zps4hcyutaq.jpg

Fishies! Was more confident using under-glazes this time because of the results produced from the above plates. This would be my favourite piece if not for the smudges on the other side.

 photo DSC05999_zpsjcn6fkcz.jpg

It’s like the fish are being vacuumed into another universe or something, haha.
Hmm. Seems like under-glaze would drip after all.

 photo DSC05959_zpsbpel8fb8.jpg

Them, cracks. So it goes.

 photo DSC05961_zpsvobbkiez.jpg

White stoneware was quite hard to work with as it was very soft and your vessel tends to wobble as you coil. It also has a higher shrinkage. It’s all worth the while though, as it has a really nice finish!

 photo DSC05955_zpskzuhobai.jpg

 photo DSC05994_zpso63sfjp8.jpg

 photo DSC05979_zpsklysbjzm.jpg

 photo DSC05986_zpsifpveyzv.jpg

 photo DSC05982_zpsae4905r3.jpg


 photo DSC05952_zpsegh5zuth.jpg

Raku mixed with stoneware. This is the piece I sent into the Dragon Kiln in November 2014. It wasn’t completely cooked but I kind of liked how it turned out. It has a natural subtle ombre effect.

Many other things I have decided not to post here, too ugly. So consider yourselves lucky, haha.

I can’t wait for June because it means that the two NAFA courses would be done and I can go back to playing with clay. June also signifies the release of university application results. I’m so sick with apprehension like ughhhhh. I think I would be fine either way, please just let me know asap even if you decide to reject me. I just don’t want to waste time you know what I mean? :S