Gone nuts for nuts for nuts

VC1A – Logo & Shopping Bag

This was the class that started it all…

In our first lesson, the lecturer wanted us to choose a random object and come up with as many symbolic ways to represent it as possible by the next class. I happily chose a peanut just because. Next thing I knew, we were tasked to design a logo and shopping bag all based on the item we chose in the first lesson! \(-_-)/

So, I created a totally fictitious company (Nuts for Nuts) and made up all its nonsense just so that I could design a shopping bag for it, haha!



Shopping Bag

M1B – Poster

 photo Final Poster_zpsaokbowsq.jpg

I loved this class the most because we never had any homework and the instructor is super good at time-management!!? Every one of us managed to complete our final project without having to spend additional hours outside of class! Hooray!!! :D

And yes, I continued with the peanut thing as I thought it would be good to have an entire package.

VC2A – Menu

We were given the choice to do up a poster, website or menu. I chose the last one because I already had a poster (see above) and we might be doing website in multimedia next term.

 photo PRINT-01_zpscwqzd7ad.jpg

 photo PRINT-02_zpsnd9txye3.jpg

I’m very happy with how the illustrations turned out :) But there isn’t really much visual cohesiveness when put together with the shopping bag.

M2B – Animation

I’ve tried but still have zero idea how to embed the video into WordPress.

Click here to see the animation!

Motion Tween is such a life-saver.

February 2015

01 NTU Application begins!

It’s nice knowing that your lecturers haven’t forgotten about you and were so willing to write appraisals for you despite you not having been the most high-profile student in school :’)

07 Joey’s 21st birthday brunch at P.S Cafe, The Paragon

Can’t remember what cropped up but it was mad rush that day and they started without me.

 photo IMG_8618_zpslba2vcay.jpg

Fortunately, I managed to make it in time for the cake cutting!

 photo IMG_8625_zpshigtfom6.jpg

Pretty birthday girl and then in alphabetical order…

 photo IMG_8633_zpsxvfrzcga.jpg

 photo IMG_8632_zpseqvva7sn.jpg

 photo IMG_8631_zpsqkkchw9w.jpg

 photo IMG_8637_zps8ugyyxij.jpg

 photo IMG_8636_zpsmv9skfzy.jpg

 photo IMG_8635_zpsdplaxjqf.jpg

 photo IMG_8627_zps4pvck4wr.jpg

Best buds since childhood and one extra kia (Charles) who happens to be Jing’s boyfriend, haha!

12 Triangle lunch

never happened because Toing flew our kite!

13 Song Fa Bak Kut Teh with Kaiying

 photo IMG_8668_zps7y22liof.jpg

Make-up for her 21st! :)

14 Valentine’s Day

 photo IMG_8671_zpslsjyrfan.jpg

 photo IMG_8675_zpsgixybmmx.jpg

A day of flowery madness and realising that rotten ammi majus look just like powdered cheese.

15 Kimberly’s birthday surprise

Visited the temple in the morning with the family before heading to work.

 photo IMG_8702_zpsvgows7bm.jpg

Valentine’s week had taken its toll on June. It was such a pity she couldn’t make it on Sunday as she was the one who initiated this!

18 除夕

Spring cleaned and then had reunion dinner at 啊嬤’s as usual. Let the feasts begin!!! :D

 photo IMG_8760_zpsfow7agpo.jpg

Timid little boy cried when we played with sparklers after dinner, haha.

19 初一

 photo IMG_8772_zpsvswvkksz.jpg

Blur photo because I was the one who took it and I’m Level -99 at the selfie game.
Posting it cause we look so happy :D

 photo IMG_8768_zps09gefnck.jpg

On our way to 小外婆’s

 photo IMG_8773_zpsmmbca58c.jpg

Training since young – 赌神 in the making, haha!

20 初二

Visited two temples, had beehoon for lunch at Bugis then went to check out the railway station!

 photo IMG_8782_zpscbewkm70.jpg

EGG pretending to buy tickets, lol

 photo IMG_8789_zpsunwixoby.jpg

 photo IMG_8795_zpsxuglti3e.jpg

 photo IMG_8811_zpspiage1ff.jpg

We also visited the Istana that day before having ice cream at Swensens and playing Monopoly once we reached home. EGG and Tiwi totally killed me with their crazy hotels.

21 初三

Annual steamboat at my aunt’s! My cousins are growing up fast (which means I’m growing old too), they are starting to help to clear the ‘leftovers’!

 photo IMG_8815_zps7pgcgxyl.jpg

 photo IMG_8817_zpsfydtfbtm.jpg

 photo IMG_8818_zpssldzni1a.jpg

22 初四

Steamboat at 干妈’s and we went to the beach where we “scoop and throw away”! :D

Had dinner at Bedok 85 that night. The super delicious porridge *drools*

 photo IMG_8821_zpsijgqkiaq.jpg

The cap binbin’s wearing… it used to be mine when I was his age!!!

Fun Fact: Siqi’s favourite CNY goody is…

 photo IMG_8763_zpshdpejydm.jpg

home-made fried spring roll skin dusted with icing sugar.

But not even one of my friends know what it is!!?

I’ll do better after this week ends

Body’s really becoming like that of an old lady. Insomnia every night, motion-sickness every day. Even on the MRT -_-” Can’t wait for next week to be over and done with – anticipation, worry, excitement, all mixed in a bowl that is my being.

Invisible thread has proven impossible to be used :(

Two submissions, one project down. Two more to go, and then I am completely free for a day :D

One submission left! Meanwhile, here’s a Sweet ABC bouquet from last week:

Acapulco Lily, Baby’s Breath, Carnation Spray (ABC)