Everything’s just for show, isn’t it?



It’s 5.30am and I am still not yet asleep. One load off my mind, still I can’t help feeling like the worst person ever. Money can’t buy happiness, they say. What do they know?

One time, I got angry at a friend over a banana. A banana! Can you believe it? Ha.

I wasn’t in the best headspace then, and it’s really not my proudest moment. Within two minutes following that instance, I know I’ve ruined something forever.

Maybe standing my ground for this issue is just something that I absolutely have to do, such that I’ll not commit yet another fatal mistake this time round.


I tend to be quite super whiny and naggy.

That is because I am an exceedingly anxious person. Verbalising my worries is just a coping mechanism.

But through it all, I really am thankful for everything in my life.

Industry Night

Do we have to be there?

All I really wanna do is to just sleep.

Today is the start of my graduation show. I wanted to be a part of something like that for at least once in my life ever since attending the one in TP a gazillion years back. Save the bluefin. How can I forget?

It doesn’t feel like what I thought it would be.

Some exaggerations here and there

People with zero to minimal emotional quotient ought to be arrested. Imagine correction facilities where these criminals get to learn some and then released as better persons. Awesome.

If the numbers are so high, surely something is wrong with the system. Why then instead of actively trying to fix the source of the problem, are all our efforts directed only into devising damage control measures?

The past two weeks had me extremely inspired to write. Anything at all. Anything, but my final year report. In other news, I have also regained the feeling of joy which comes with reading. Oh, thank goodness!

Life is tiresome. Your appearance made it slightly more bearable. Thank you :’)

It felt like time to move. But then I recall having a dusty written journal which could save me all this hassle.

Once again, I am really so darn sick of not having the courage to just be an absolute nobody. Arghgggh.

This is the end of my rants. For now. Because I am an insufferable ingrate. That’s why. Stay tuned for more.