A List Of A Few Other Lists

#1 A List Of Things Siqi Needs To Do

1. Prepare cards and gifts
2. Design some stuff
3. Design more stuff
4. Help her mum with something
5. Buy groceries
6. Find a roommate (unlikely to happen)
7. Apply for hall without a roommate
8. Force herself to apply for camp
9. Take an okay-ish picture of her face
10. Start on a new book

#2 A List Of Things Siqi Is Afraid Of

1. Listing the Complete List Of Things Siqi Is Afraid Of here
2. People using the contents of the above-mentioned against her
3. Eyes
4. Unfriendly Living Things
5. Unfriendly Imaginary Creatures

#3 A List Of Things Siqi Ate Yesterday

1. Kueh Lapis
2. Tea
3. Rice
4. Pork Rib Radish Soup
5. Beancurd
6. Ba Zhang
7. Bean sprouts
8. Tomato
9. Fish
10. Fishcake
11. Mango
12. Banana
13. Yan Yan
14. Ferrero Rocher
15. Chocolate

#4 A List Of Things Siqi Would Like To Receive For Her Birthday

1. A lifetime supply of self-confidence
2. A handwritten letter from the gifter (min. 1000 words) snail-mailed to her house
3. A visit from a friendly imaginary creature
4. A copy of the gifter’s favourite book (preferably fiction)
5. A jigsaw puzzle (min. 500 pieces) that the gifter and Siqi could play together
6. A small sewing machine
7. A cure for anxiety
8. A pensieve
9. A book the gifter knows she’ll like
10. A whatever that the gifter has put a lot of thought and effort into

#5 A List Of Things Siqi Feels Should Be in This List Such That The List Of A Few Other Lists Would Have Five Items

1. Jurassic World!!!!!
2. Yesterday, I Asked You
3. The Hundred Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared
4. Durian
5. The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time

May 2015

01 Pottermore

I remember being super-duper excited when it first came out, before getting all disappointed to find that only two chapters (or moments) were released. Though I’ve been constantly receiving email updates, the thought of returning just never occurred to me till Labour Day this year. Anyway, I was so extremely happy to see so many new moments and new reads that I spent the entire day exploring the site. Hehe!

Had to create a new account because I couldn’t recall my previous username and password. That means I get to get a new wand, and also, sorted all over again. Yay!

 photo Ravenclaw_zpshi9kgkf1.jpg

Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure!

 photo Wand_zpscs2jjgxk.jpg

03 Modelling Fun

Played Plasticine with binbin before heading out for work

09 ADM Tea Party

NTU is so far away from home!!! But I made an acquaintance that day. We hit off quite well I suppose because both of us were caught in circumstances which are shockingly similar. We then went for the graduation show and the place was basically oozing with creative energy. Will I ever become as cool as them???

 photo IMG_9451_zpsrnyx2cve.jpg

Loots for the day. Well, I suppose NK Tan will be happy with my collection hahaha :D

Headed to waipo’s house that evening for dinner.

10 Mothers’ Day

Busy day at the florist’s! :)

13 Dental

Tiwi and I passed our BTTs that morning (^-^) I got lost on the way to Toa Payoh Polyclinic and had to ask a kind auntie to point me in the correct direction! That was with the aid of Google maps. Goes to show how much sense of direction I possess, LOL.

20 Dim Sum with min

I crashed her class with Matthew the day before but both of us still needed to go for a final consultation as we were still struggling. Sort of. Luckily it didn’t take long, so we ended up leaving early and having dinner at Victor’s Kitchen before burning some midnight oil together back at my place.

25 Submission Week

My classmates from VC brought me to a Thai place on Wednesday for dinner while we were waiting for our work to be assessed. The food there was superb!!! :D

29 Paper Cutting for Cheryl

 photo 486c1dd8-3feb-4c34-bfd7-4e7f1e788200_zpsju7yafd1.jpg

I think I did alright for a first attempt (^-^”) The process was deeply therapeutic as well.

31 Ta-ta!

Last day of work, I will miss my colleagues so much. They are the nicest bunch of people ever.

 photo Photo 31-5-15 11 05 29 pm_zpsdusu1hof.jpg

Not forgetting all the flowers from Henry, haha :’)

Gone nuts for nuts for nuts (Part 3)

No more nuts this time round, I promise! But I’m lazy to think of an appropriate title so…

VC3A – Invitation, Poster, Book Cover

 photo Photo 1-6-15 3 18 03 pm_zpswyw6f4fb.jpg

 photo Photo 1-6-15 3 18 14 pm_zpscjaodvhf.jpg

 photo Photo 1-6-15 3 30 20 pm_zpscnctp9mx.jpg

Awesome advice which I’ve been neglecting to follow, much to my regret.

 photo Capture_zpszjo6alv5.jpg

I didn’t put in quite as much effort as compared to the previous term because of the increased workload and other commitments. Ahem, that’s hardly a good excuse. Anyway, typography and colours were this term’s focus, hence the lack of images. I also tried going for a vastly different style from the cutesy kind I usually doodle (the invitation especially).

Was contemplating between The Matrix Trilogy and BTTF for the series covers but settled on the latter because it’s 2015! Need I say more??? But I feel like I have let Steven Spielberg and myself down. It was pretty last minute work and the lack of any DeLoreans to begin with is just… disappointing.

In case you are wondering, the pattern is made of the flux capacitor (It’s what makes time travel possible!) graphic. Okay enough babbling, let’s move on.

M4B – Website

 photo Index_zps9msolfol.jpg


 photo About_zpsfrpelbmw.jpg


 photo Gallery_zps3jsnhcyc.jpg


 photo Testimonials_zpsf0clhhbp.jpg


 photo Contact_zpszelbfmr3.jpg


This was the first project I completed! It’s a real shop, mind you, I only revamped the pages, edited some of the content and replaced some photos here and there. The pretty lady on the banner of the home page is my sis-in-law!

VC4A – Magazine (four pages + cover)

 photo Cover_zpsgahfdih1.jpg

 photo Anyone_zpspbsrdaxr.jpg

 photo Fly_zpssmm6egf3.jpg

 photo Heart_zpst1tu2urr.jpg

I was so full of hype upon hearing the news that we were to design a magazine that I asked Matthew if I could, instead of only doing four pages plus cover (which cannot be bound into a book), design an entire magazine! He said no much to my initial dismay but gradual relief as the deadlines ticked nearer and I still hadn’t completed any of my projects, LOL.

Rule of Thumb: Never attempt to bite off more than you can chew.

Anyway, I’m so glad I was kiasu enough to consult my multimedia lecturer on this project (LOL). The photo montage on the last page was a product of his suggestion!

M3B – 3D makes my heart go ping pong piang

This module is called ‘3D Animation’ but the second word remained irrelevant even after ten weeks (kekeke). We were to model, texture and light a scene then render out images from four different angles instead. I never particularly enjoyed my Thursdays for the past ten weeks because of MAYA. The fact that it is a powerful tool remains certain, but ε¦ˆε‘€! (pun intended) the sheer abundance of buttons and stuff in this software was daunting enough :(

So I left this module to the very last, choosing to finish all my other projects first before finally plucking up enough courage to start on this a week before submission. Didn’t want to jeopardize my other modules you see? Anyway, I think I managed pretty decently:

 photo SUBMISSION2_zps0xnrqbmo.jpg

 photo SUBMISSION4_zpshbzjgavv.jpg

 photo SUBMISSION3_zpsmib9zhrp.jpg

 photo SUBMISSION1_zpsdozq4jhk.jpg

Couldn’t have done it without Mike Hermes!

My christmas tree didn’t have any decorations other than the star because my Fujitsu was lagging so badly (takes 2 minutes to rotate / zoom in) after its addition that I had to forgo the idea. Lights were also a tad too yellowish for my taste but I couldn’t change it due to the crazy lag (it was a miracle I even manage to render anything) So when Min commented “Wa shiok, super warm”, I replied, “Yalor, because it’s winter outside!” in defense :p

Anyway, if you’re a student, you can get MAYA for free and there are tonnes of YouTube tutorials teaching you how to model various stuff (I definitely recommend Mike Hermes!!!). So do give it a try if you’re interested!

Am feeling a little lost now that I’m suddenly quite free. It’s only temporary though, my to-do list remains as unending as always! :)

April 2015

02 Sick to death

Caught the flu bug from out of nowhere and it was certainly a strong one – knocked me out for five days straight.

12 Shouted at someone

It happened over a phone call at work which lasted around half an hour before I lost my cool. Naturally, I wasn’t proud of it and was more than ashamed of myself. But just like what June told me afterwards, that there are still many oddballs out there whom I’ve yet to met, I still have much to learn.

13 A letter to end all apprehension arrived!

It was all very dramatic. A visit to the paper house that night also left me awestruck.

17 SCC Concert

Collected a new passport from ICA in the morning.
That evening was a pretty awesome one filled with great music.

21 Lift from Min

Funnily, I arrived in class fashionably late despite that. *inserts laugh-cry emoji*

26 Avengers

Tiwi and I enrolled in SSDC that morning. Movie was great. Dinner, not so.

29 Theory Trial Test

We had an epic bus travel quite worthy of an independent post by itself. If I have enough motivation to create one that is.

If you ever feel like dying, examine your knee. If you’ve got no knees, check out your elbow.

An obsession with door-related analogies

I wish that once I have decided, that I could slam the door in a person’s face for good. Without having to worry about whether I’ve hurt them. Without having to worry if I am being inconsiderate to my neighbours. Without having to explain to anyone why I did that. Without harboring any residual hope that they would turn back and knock on my door again because if they do, I am just going to let them enter, and possibly rip my house apart yet again.

I just want to do things for my personal well-being sometimes without having to feel like a selfish and horrible git.

Why is that so hard?