An obsession with door-related analogies

I wish that once I have decided, that I could slam the door in a person’s face for good. Without having to worry about whether I’ve hurt them. Without having to worry if I am being inconsiderate to my neighbours. Without having to explain to anyone why I did that. Without harboring any residual hope that they would turn back and knock on my door again because if they do, I am just going to let them enter, and possibly rip my house apart yet again.

I just want to do things for my personal well-being sometimes without having to feel like a selfish and horrible git.

Why is that so hard?

Think again

I found a seven-minute voice memo recorded on 31/7/12 in my phone and played it out of curiosity. It turned out to be a recording of one of Mr. L’s lessons. Here’s what happened in the first eleven seconds:

Basil: (random answer, probably wrong)

Mr. L: Are you kidding me? Are you going to break my heart again?

Basil: You never tell us leh…?


Here, I thought, “Hahaha, gotta miss Mr. L’s lessons!” so I continued listening…

Mr. L: In DNA cloning work, which enzyme do you use to prevent reannealing?

Khairul: (mumbles something)

Me: Single strand DNA binding protein?

Mr. L: Huh? Cannot hear!

Me: SSD?

Mr. L: No! Chapter 10!!!

Me: Oh, I never study *guilty chuckle*

Alright, maybe not. Just remembered I hated genetics, somehow managed to miraculously scrape a C for it and never want anything to do with that module ever again.

Got my bangs to hide that I don’t stand a chance

and enough naysayers around to last me a lifetime. Your addition is thus absolutely uncalled for.

Tick tock tick tock
We must eat
One day six meals cannot miss
Breakfast, tea and in betweens
Keep us packed with energy
Then we’ll dine and supp before
We hit the beds and start to snore

Despising myself for even asking. Of course I’d want to do a fabulous job, who wouldn’t? Unfortunately, I want too many things and time is not on my side.

I like my days occupied. Till I become totally overwhelmed that is. It’s so tedious to be planning a step ahead for each one you take. Sometimes I just want to not think and go with the flow, wherever it takes me. But who am I kidding? I ain’t got courage for that!

Jiayou siqi.

Everybody do the flop!

I made a sequel (sort of) for the ugly slug shortly after I’ve uploaded it. Just thought that the second drawing might complete the picture and I believe my judgement was correct.

I’m starting to strain under all my workload once more but this time they are accompanied by a burn, which has proven to have made the million and one things on my plate five times harder to get through. Being the cowardly tortoise that I am, sweet escape is what I opted for – 200 pages into the fifth – if you know what I’m referring to.

Motivation, motivation, where art thou?

I just hope to have a decent well-deserved break before school commences which, owing to an unfortunate loss of insight, seems as though it would take magic to make it happen.