No way,


Urgh, my nose is falling off!
And replacing it, are two spoilt taps, gushing non-stop with mucous 😦

I have been blogging alot for the past few days. Hahaha. This occurs when an actually-very-talkative-person is not having  many chances for exercising her mouth. Anyway, other than feeling the breaking down of my nose, I am also feeling quite accomplished 😀 I managed to concentrate on doing work all the way until now right after dinner. Woohoo! That’s very not like me, cause usually I have attention span as short as myself. Must continue to keep this up!

Reprinted my aminoacid notes and homed with Jing today. Only after alighting did I realise that we were in the same bus as Joey. So we chatted for awhile at the void deck outside Edugreen. Not long after, Sean came too! (巧 ttm!) We talked about the good old days (omg, sound old!!!) On my way home, I even met Jeremy Gan.

I think today brings back certain memories 🙂


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