Once upon a time,

there lived a girl who died shortly after tyring to be someone she’s not. The End.

Moral of Story: Don’t try to act like someone that you are not.

I have been paying heaps of attention in classes this sem, kudos to me 🙂

JWEF today was kinda …. not really THAT inspiring. Only Bruno Bonnell’s presentation set me thinking. Well, I guess is because I can’t really understand the other delegates’ accent. Nonetheless, saw some hot french guys (lol) and played monopoly deal with the others plus, ate some tea buffet with Eileen 😀

I want to join SIFE!

Seriously in need of some sense of belonging and identification. Now I know the importance of uniforms.

Anyway, gave up one hour of IO Chem today, gotta make it up somehow…. Ta-ta!


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