The Stolen Child

The Stolen Child

Finally finished reading this book this morning (cause Ms. Yulia was late, hehe).

The introduction was very slow and didn’t really capture my attention so I got quite bored and read slowly. It was until receiving an email from NLB notifying me that the book’s due in 2 days’ time that I sort of forced myself to read everyday (lol), finally reaching the captivating parts.

Let me copy the synopsis:

“Seven-year-old Henry Day is kidnapped by fairy changelings living in the dark forest near his home – ageless beings whose secret community is threatened by encroaching modern life. They give Henry a new name, Aniday, and the gift of agelessness – now and forever, he will be seven years old. The group has left another child in Henry’s place. This changeling boy, who has morphed himself into Henry’s duplicate, must adjust to a new way of life and hide his true identity from the Day family. But he can’t hide his extraordinary talent for the piano, and his near-perfect performances prompt his father to suspect that he is an imposter. As he grows older the new Henry Day becomes haunted by vague but persistent memories of life in another time and place. Both Henry and Aniday search obsessively for who they were before they changed places in the world.”

This book consists of alternating chapters, the narratives of “Human” Henry Day and “Hobgoblin” Aniday as they learnt to adapt to their new identity. It was the synopsis that drew me to the book, so I was actually quite disappointed by the story’s introduction. However, I got absorbed towards the middle by some clever use of cliffhangers at the end of certain chapters.

This book kind of got me pondering if the other fairy tales are just myths or … ? -ahem-

Although I’ve never enjoyed reading “childnap” stories, I find this book really intriguing 🙂


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