If you can pronounce this post’s title, I will give you a million bucks. Hehe.


My heart feels like ein324jnweifjiowerutklejg.

Imagine this:

You’re running after something that everyone else are chasing, but you don’t know what. You’re not even sure if you really want whatever it is that you are chasing. And it just keeps going faster and faster, flying higher and higher, out of your reach. Despite being extremely out of breath and feel like giving up, you don’t have the courage to. Because you have no idea what will happen once you stop giving chase and you are afraid to take a risk.

What will happen if you stopped running?
Will everyone else start to realise what a foolish thing they’re doing and stop with you?
Or will they continue at an even faster pace, leaving you behind?

I don’t want to spend my whole life running. I’ve never liked running and I’m not even good at it.
Although deep inside me I’m positive that I can achieve something better, I don’t have the courage to stop running.


What if
I get left behind,


3 thoughts on “ein324jnweifjiowerutklejg

  1. I think the only time when you really stop running (or moving) is when you die. And there will always be people moving at a slower pace than you. If you don’t like running, you can swim! Dive into the ocean and find hidden treasures that no one else has ever found. Laugh at everyone else for being stupid and blindly following the crowd because in the end, all of them would have to fight for a little trophy or whatever – imagine the chaos!! Only you and the few clever ones get to obtain the treasures in the ocean. But of course, it would be a long and arduous journey because the ocean is so deep. But that’s what life is about right? Facing challenges and taking risks…

    P/S: don’t worry, I hate running too. πŸ˜‰


    • WOW! That’s my exact sentiment!
      The only problem is, although I’d love to swim, I have no courage to dive into the ocean.
      What if there are sharks or jellyfishes or man-eating octopus in there?

      The problem with me is that I am too timid and cowardly to change my life 😦


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