The past few weeks had been rather hectic. Drowning in an ocean of assignments, reports and whatever. The worst have yet to come though 😦

I ought to learn better time management skills and most importantly – self-discipline.

Haven’t been doing much for my revisions lately. Gah, I have no idea what I’ve been doing. Every day seems to pass by so quick, and before I know it, it’s a whole new week again.

Now that I have a room to myself and a study table with empty drawers, would Doraemon please visit me in his time machine? *v* I would like to borrow a few of his gadgets – the time treadmill and 竹蜻蜓.

Okay, shall stop unrealistic thoughts and go back to completing the stupid report :/

P.S: Socializing is just not my cup of tea, a minute of it drains 50% of my energy.


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