Morning was well spent with me being all studious and mugging hard for GEMBIO.

But, it didn’t last for long 😦

Despite being at it for two whole hours, I’m still left with 70% of Chapter 6. Restlessness kicked in so went over to DGG’s to have some really high protein lunch (eggs + tofu + meat + porridge) and rested until now (erm, still resting lol). Hmmm. Starting to think if I’m really that dense. I mean, Mr. Lui can finish teaching the entire lecture in less than 2 hours but I’m only done with a meagre 30% in the same amount of time. Depressing isn’t it?

Is my brain really that slow?
Or am I simply reading into too much details?

Took a look at the slides and most of the things I’m slightly more interested in aren’t in there but all the other stuffs I deemed useless and boring showed up :/ Meh, I hate tests & exams.


Caught the above movie with the class yesterday. I was never a big fan of batman cause there’s much more politics involved than the other superhero/sci-fi movies. But I guess it was rather okay. Anne Hathaway as catwoman, she’s so super cool I wanna fight like that! And Joseph Gordon-Levitt yay yay yay, the guy from Inception. An unexpected turn of events towards the end. Shan’t spoil it for anyone who reads my blog hehe.

Okay, I shouldn’t even be here.
Ought to finish up Chapter 6 and then get started on the funana presentation thingy.

“Today I do feel like replicating~~~”

Okay, bye.


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