Last Tuesday marked the end of this module. The final test was rather difficult, almost had a cardiac arrest upon reading the questions:

  1. Are mitochondrion with a hole and fragmented mitochondria capable of performing oxidative phosphorylation?
  2. Can an individual with phosphoglucomutase deficiency synthesize glycogen using a) glucose, b) fructose and c) galactose?
  3. Is it possible to survive on an aspartate-only diet for two weeks?

But it turned out okay, except for the last question. Anyway, I had an amazingly weird dream last night about Mdm M…

I was on my way home from SP when I met Mdm M. (In my dream, SP was suddenly integrated into the marketplace near my house. So technically speaking, I was going home from the marketplace but it was a part of SP.) Okay, I greeted her and she replied “Hi, you did quite well for the test.”

I was over the moon upon hearing that (Both in my dream and after I woke up HEEHEEHEE!). But then she continued on:

“So do you still remember the glycolytic pathway? Or have you already wiped it clean from your memory?”
“Erm, I … still remember of course!”

(That was a big fat lie :x)

Then I started chanting out the enzymes and products and whatever I could remember, while walking around the marketplace-SP with her. Well actually, Mdm M was grocery shopping (!!!) But it seemed all normal to me in the dream and I continued reciting in increasingly unsure tones as I cant’t really remember the enzymes stuff already and didn’t want to admit it lest she minus marks off my test (HAHAHA). At this point, Mdm M was choosing cabbage while I mentioned something about vesicles and realised it was totally wrong.

In an attempt to divert her attention from my nonsensical vesicles plus enzyme chant, I did this:

“Hey Mdm M, the cabbages over there looks nicer and cheaper!”

Then I led her to the area where I was pointing to. The strangest thing was that the cabbage area had some kind of teppanyaki stove thingy and Mdm M started laying down strips of cabbage on the teppanyaki thingy. I was appalled (yes, even in the dream) and asked her what she was doing. Her answer?

“I’m testing the freshness of these cabbages duh! Those that turn black upon contact with the stove are not fresh!”

I then took a look at all the cabbage she left on the stove and all of it had already became black. Finally, she gave up hunting for fresh cabbages and invited me to have dinner with her. Horrified at the idea, I spun a lie about having to rush home and ran away.

Nonsensical dream, I know. Don’t throw cabbages at me lol!


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