I had yet another bizarre dream last night:

I was in a lecture theatre in SP, but none of my course mates were there. Instead, Farzana was beside me and a few other random students we don’t recognise were sitting in front. After the class was dismissed, Farzana and I walked to the bus stop together.

We were strolling by some sort of car park, remarkably similar to the one beside TPYCC. All the time, I’ve been telling Farzana about my nonsense dream I had the night before (Yes, the one about Mdm M grocery shopping.) and she seemed extremely distracted. It was like she wasn’t really listening and boy, she looked stressed and/or bored.

While we were passing through the carpark, we met Lian Shen. (LOL I dunno why?) He approached us and said “Hi! I didn’t know you had a blog.” (LOL?) Then he mumbled some more about something and left.

“He was my manager from Swensens,” I explained to Farzana and shared with her some details about my working at that place.

But still, she seemed extremely restless. We continued walking and finally reached the bus stop outside SP. There was this Harry Potter Exhibition banner hung outside the school gate, behind the bus stop. The bus arrived and I woke up.

I had a connection dream from the night before! Hahaha! Cool eh?

After waking, I was still mildly disturbed by Farzana’s coldness towards me in the dream 😦 She remained silent throughout. Was it because I crapped too much?

Never really liked telling others how I feel. Oh wait, actually I do. But I’m always afraid of oversharing and then boring everyone else to death while they still have to pretend to give me face by listening and trying to keep the conversation going.

If I ever find out that I were to die in a month’s time, I wouldn’t tell anyone about it even though I would be ‘dying’ to (hahaha, pun intended). I would prefer if they found it out themselves instead, as I feel that those who truly care enough would notice something’s wrong and try to find out. Better than telling everyone the bad news and burdening those who honestly don’t even care. I guess they would be thinking “What? Tell me for what? How am I supposed to react? I’m not even that close to you. Oh boy, now I have to act all sympathetic and blah blah blah.”, but at the same time trying to look all sorry for me. Phui, I wouldn’t like that to happen.

Two bugs came flying in the window last night and landed right in front of my notes and I. Scared the hell out of me and as usual, I caught them using The Container. Daiqian was telling me to “Kill them, watch them die, BURNNN!!!” :O Better not offend her HAHAHA.

It’s a nice day today. I woke up late, took my time during breakfast, drank tea, studied a bit of FUNANA and swam 10 laps just now 🙂 Mummy’s not feeling well and she’s keeping me company at home. DGG also pon tank by choosing today to visit the skin centre for his wart.

Abrupt end.

P/S: Sorry for the wordy posts with no pictures for the past few weeks, had been quite lazy lately :p


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