Once, I was a retard.


This picture made me LOL literally. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

I was reading through my old blog posts from long time ago and they made me laugh too. I used to type so much rubbish details and my posts were 3 times chunkier than what you are seeing in this blog now. Consider yourself lucky.

I used to be so retarded. Okay, maybe I still am now.
But I still like the old retarded version 🙂

So what if my posts were chunky? I liked every word of it.
So what if my ennggrishhh very fail last time? I still understood what I was trying to express.
Maybe I should revert to doing stupid and reckless things, because the ‘me’ now ain’t really ‘me’.

Sometimes, the ‘norm’ may not always be the most normal or the best.

Take for example:

Everybody has hair, no one is naturally bald. But does that mean that having hair is the best and the most normal? What if being bald actually entitles you to a better lifestyle (eg. feel more breeze) or is more environmentally friendly (eg. use less shampoo and water) and that we should all be bald in order to protect our Earth but whoever who created us made some mistakes and we all have been living in those mistakes for so long without realising, but rather treating them as the ‘norm’?

(I know the above sentence is damn long and the structure doesn’t seem right, but oh well~)

Who knows, right?

Took a long enough break. I shall continue funana at 10pm sharp, which is actually now. Ta-ta!


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