How to deal with people you dislike:

Seldom do I find myself disliking someone.
He/she must really be annoying or disgusting for me to not like.
Unfortunately, such a person entered my life recently :<

After much complaints to disccusion with Kaiying, below are a few steps that we have summarised to save ourselves from those bloodsuckers.


Yes, if you feel that you are already starting to dislike someone, then don’t go near him/her! Avoid. This is a universally acknowledged truth actually:


Less contact equals less negative thoughts and feelings. So, AVOID!!!


Well, in the event when rule one cannot be applied, try looking for the good in that person. Be it ‘At least she is kind to animals’ or ‘He doesn’t seem too lazy after all’, anything will do. Look for a virtue in that person and concentrate on it. Perhaps things will turn out okay from there.


If you still have to come to rule three, that person must be some #!^*&$*#& asshole. Now all you can do is to try to tolerate and continue applying rule three. Constantly remind yourself this:


Never argue with a fool because they might not even know what’s the argument all about. (I remember seeing this on Jenson’s slogan tee during secondary one orientation, lol) Oh, and remember, never lose your temper with anyone as being angry at someone is like drinking poison and hoping the other party would die. 生气,是把别人的错建立在自己身上。 Zen mode on 🙂

Okie now, what if you applied all three but still find yourself hating the person? Maybe it is time for a confession. Tell the person what you don’t like about him/her. Maybe he/she didn’t realise they are being annoying. Sugar-coat your words (as quoted from Daiqian) and I guess nothing will go wrong…?


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