Pokemon to the Future

This post is about a weird dream I had.
It’s a hybrid of crossing BTTF, Pokemon and GEMBIO.


Our DeLorean, which makes time travelling possible, was out of plutonium. Professor Oak said that the flux capacitor needed at least 1.21 gigawatts of power before it could be started up again, and that kind of power can only be generated by a bolt of lightning. Incidentally, Professor Oak had a pikachu with him, he gave it to me so that I would not get attacked by wild pokemons in tall grasses and at the same time, pikachu can generate the lightning needed for us to get back to the future.

(If you haven’t gotten it by now, I’m Ash in the dream, not Marty McFly, and Doc Brown happens to be replaced by Professor Oak.)

Pikachu didn’t like me at all and refuses to enter his pokeball 😦


Anyway, Professor Oak put up four huge metal plates and said that the lightning would be channelled into the flux capacitor through them. I was told to ask pikachu to generate lightning bolt into the metal plates. Amazingly, pikachu did as I told him to. It then started raining and he got weaker and weaker by the second. In order to stop and save him, I ran in front of the metal plates and got electrocuted instead.


Then, I woke up thinking that I died and went to heaven. But all of a sudden, I found myself sitting in a classroom (seems to be an exam venue), with Mr Lui standing beside me, berating me for not doing well for GEMBIO. He then showed me my exam script and I realised that “not doing well” was such an understatement. I only got 12/100!!! Seems like I went to hell instead of heaven T^T

Finally, I woke up with a start, back to reality.

It’s funny how I could combine BTTF and Pokemon hahaha. Wonder how my brain works. And the dream was so much like the first episode of pokemon when pikachu refuses to acknowledge Ash as his trainer and even electrocuted him several times (LOL). Oh, and it rained too, in all three places – BTTF, the first episode of pokemon and also in my dream.

The only sucky thing is my GEMBIO results – 12/100 ?!?!!?!
I know I won’t do well but hey I’m sure I can do better than that! Right? -shrugs-


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