It’s my third day at Beijing. The weather’s really cool here, albeit a little dry. It’s tough ‘connecting’ with the rest of the world (haha) because all the social networking platforms that I usually use are banned in China šŸ˜¦ Finally managed to get onto WordPress for a quick update with EGG’s help.

We climbed the Great Wall of China today! Now we can’t feel our legs anymore. The stairs there are super-duper steep!!! Tomorrow marks the start of the one-week long holiday in China! I’m kinda afraid of the crowd, especially when we’re taking the public transport. It’s like having your personal space invaded a trillion times every second. Okay, I may be exaggerating a little. The point is, it’s pretty scary here. Everyone in Singapore should try this train thing here in China at least once to appreciate how lucky we are back home. Hmph.

We are going grocery-shopping tomorrow! Hope there won’t be too many people due to the holidays.

I’m really not used to using EGG’s laptop, shall stop here then šŸ™‚


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