Beijing (Part One)


I’m back from Beijing. It’s ta-ta to the cool ‘air-con’ environment and time to face some serious all-year-round tropical heat! Back to shorts and tees!


Midnight flight equals zzzzz. Breakfast was served at 5am.


I don’t like airports, they make me nervous for who knows what reason (it’s not like I smuggle stuff or anything…) But that doesn’t stop me from loving plane food hahaha!

Day One.


EGG spotted our arrival at the airport. We then went to have breakfast together. Everything was cold and tasteless and the food took ages to serve though the place was relatively empty. Cabbed to EGG’s apartment to deposit our luggage and slept until it was time for lunch.

Wing Foo Restaurant

The milk tea was simply awesome! We also ordered 番茄炒蛋 (tomato-eggs) but it was too delicious that we pounced on it once it was being served and I didn’t get a chance to photograph it.


Then, we took the train to 雍和宫, which was a palace where Emperor Yong Zheng used to live in when he was still a prince, until it was later converted to a lama temple by Emperor Qian Long. We actually wanted to visit 国子监 (Confucius Temple) too, but after spending 2 hours touring 雍和宫, we realized that none of us enjoyed temple tours very much. Hahaha, so we skipped the idea and went to 天坛 (Temple of Heaven) instead.

Temple of Heaven

We got ice creams at the entrance, they were good.


Our legs started protesting not long after. Don’t blame us, because the whole place was 273 hectares!!! It’s a wonder to think how those people could build such withstanding and huge infrastructures 592 years ago.


It was super sunny. Funny thing happened when we were visiting the Imperial Vault of Heaven. There’s an Echo Wall, which was able to transmit sounds over large distances, surrounding it. Okay, the thing is we overheard some tour guide explaining to her group that the wall does not work anymore due to wear & tear and vandalism.


Then there were all the other bunch of tourists shouting into the wall to their friends & family at the other end and they were all pretending to hear one another’s echo. LOL. This totally cracked EGG and I up. Dinner was at 全聚德 restaurant, which was famous for their Peking Duck. We ordered one of their set meals for two and this was what we got…


Maize Tea (???) – Tasted like cold coffee. Really. But it’s good for digestion and doesn’t keep you up.
Red Bean Jello – My favourite!
????? – I dunno what that was, but it was rather good.
Stir-fried Kailan with some sort of fungi – Kailan was crispy. Not sure about the fungi thingy though, I didn’t dare to eat them :p
Duck Heart – Tastes like hotdogs but with a huge amount of iron. Ahhhh I didn’t really liked the feeling of it in my mouth.
Duck Skin – It’s to be eaten with the sugar provided. Not bad.
Duck & Crepe – You eat this by wrapping the meat in the crepe with some sort of garlic and the sauce. I don’t like the garlic hahaha it’s like wasabi o_o

Day Two.

Tian'anmen Square

Our plan was to visit all the main sightseeing attractions in Beijing before the start of the one-week long holidays in China, so that we could avoid the crowd. Hence, we went to Tian’anmen on our second day. But alas! There were already people EVERYWHERE by the time we reached. It’s hard to get a good shot with the place without other people becoming your background. Or some even becomes the subject with you! 抢镜头, tsk 😦 I should mention that bags have to be deposited at the counter before you are allowed in the Tian’anmen Gate Towers. It was a super long queue.

Next, we got our tickets to 故宫 (The Palace Museum).


According to the Map of Forbidden City, there are a total of 37 visiting sites in the palace that is a must-go. The above picture was taken on our way to the second site which we didn’t even go in the end because it’s just too far away.


Just look at the crazy amount of people trying to take a look at the inside of 中和殿! Imagine this same mob in the same train cabin or the bus with you -shudders-


It started to get real windy and super cold. Dark clouds fogged up the skies too. Then, it started drizzling when we were at the Imperial Garden and we were freezing cause we didn’t bring our jackets (hahaha!). So we headed to the exit and boarded managed to squeeze onto an extremely crowded bus. I was temporarily separated from mummy and EGG.

At one of the stops, a guy on the bus (who was squished beside the other guy whose armpit my head was directly under) asked me what stop that was. I thought it was really hilarious because he was definitely Chinese and I was a tourist, in his country! HAHAHAHA. So I told him what I know – “我不懂” Then, he asked me where I was headed to and I answered “我也不知道”. Following my reply, the look on his face was totally priceless!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Now he probably thinks I’m some crazy girl who got lost and is travelling alone. So at the next stop, I alighted after seeing EGG mouthing to me to do so, leaving the guy muddled. Teehee!

What warms you up from the inside when you are wet, cold and hungry?


Dumplings! Freshly made and piping hot! Woohoo. These are damn delicious to me, though EGG says they are only of okay-standard! 😀 This meal really warmed us all up. The cafe was empty too, we were the only customers as it was already 3pm when we had lunch.


Starbucks next! I had a cuppa Mocha. It doesn’t taste rich enough to me, but I can’t compare cause I’ve never had Starbucks Mocha back in SG. EGG’s caramel macchiato tasted even worse, like diluted milk. But it kept us warm, so no complaints. Stayed home for the rest of the night and had a homecooked dinner by mummy 🙂

Argh this post is getting way too long!
Shall continue in the next post (lol) since I’m pretty tired already.


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