Beijing (Part Two)

Day Three.

We visited 慕田峪长城 (the strip of great wall at the south-east of 金山岭). The journey there took approximately 1.5 hours by a combination of train, bus and cab. By the time we reached, it was already 8am.


We took the cable car up to the entrance and started climbing. It was very sunny but the wind was chilly. There weren’t many people (yet), so we were able to enjoy the picturesque scenery from the wall. Pretty.


The Route Map. We managed to complete the entire trail from Watchtowers 14 to 23. However, we only went up to Watchtower 10 on the other side of the wall.


We found the brick lying on the floor at the first watchtower and assumed it was a prop. HAHAHA. I shall refuse to acknowledge the possibility that someone may have dug it out from some part of the wall.



Pregnant guy trying to satisfy his cravings. LOL.


Watchtower 23? Challenge accepted!


The most difficult part! This lady in pink was very encouraging. She’s from the US (I think).


YES!!! We finally reached the end of the trail!


End for tourists section! So if you wanna continue hiking or something, you are welcomed to carry on. But the stairs from here onwards are wayyyyyyyy steeper than the ones below and mind you, they are already steep enough.


EGG climbed up the ‘end for tourist section’.

The journey back down was torturous. Our legs were all wobbly like jello. But, we made it back in one piece and tried to conquer the other part of the great wall too. It was already noon by then and people were everywhere. With tofu legs and the sun beating down our backs, we only climbed to Watchtower 10 and back. I forgot to mention that there were also many bees flying around, some like to hover around our necks. It was pretty intimidating but they won’t sting unless you make sudden movements and provoke them.


There was a bus service at the great wall leading back to the interchange at 东直门外. We boarded the bus at 2.30pm and man it was a long journey! 3 hours later, we alighted at the bus interchange with sore legs and buttocks. Had our first decent meal of the day – breakfast was maggie mee and lunch was a piece of bread. We had 麻辣香锅 for dinner. It was super spicy though we already ordered the mildest one of all. Hahaha, but it was still delicious. I bit on some kind of pepper ball at the end and the feeling was woahhhhhh. Suddenly my tongue was feeling very windy (?) I have no idea how to explain the feeling hahahaha.

Day Four.

We went grocery shopping at Wu-Mart! It’s 4 train stops from where we were staying.


The trolley with a touch screen device which tells you about the latest offers available as you approach certain areas in the mart.


The carrots were very dirty, like they were just being pulled up from the soil. Hahaha. I guess it’s what made them extremely sweet!!!


The meats were piled in piles. The bloody smell was everywhere, it was kind of repulsing. But we soon got used to it.


Part of the groceries we got. We stayed home the whole afternoon since it was impossible for us to walk at all. Then we went to shop for EGG’s winter wear in the evening. Didn’t buy anything except for ice creams.


Green tea goodness in a cone. This was damn good!

Day Five.

The entire day was spent shopping for winter wear at 西单. We had lunch at Ajisen!



I can’t emphasize how heavenly the Ajisen in Beijing tasted! Oh nom nom nom!!!

Day Six.

We visited 颐和园 (Summer Palace).


Second day of the one-week long holiday in China hence the crazy amount of people.


Got ourselves some ice cream as we walked around the huge palace.


98000 tourists!!!!!!!! No wonder the toilet was like the train station. You have to really squeeze to get into a cubicle. HAHAHAHA!!! Left the place and had early dinner at a restaurant that EGG recommended.


The interior of the restaurant was decorated like an inn. There’s a 武侠小说 feel, 龙门客栈! LOL.


The food was nice. Goose meat, eggplant, pork and doumiao. I like the eggplant the most! I think I can eat 3 bowls of rice with just the eggplant hahaha!

Day Seven.

Grocery shopping again. We are helping EGG to stock up his already well-equipped kitchen before we return home.


See! He already had all the sauces he’ll ever need. Had KFC in the afternoon yay! The chicken was good too.


We cabbed to the airport and had Burger King for lunch before EGG sent us off for our flight. The airport was really big hahaha! We ended up being almost late for our flight and I panicked when I heard the announcement and rushed mummy out of the ladies. HAHAHA.


Yay, plane food again! There was Haagen dazs for desserts! Yum. Arrived at Singapore at 10.30pm. It was my first time buying alcohol at the airport! Cabbed home.


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