Mix & Match

A few nights ago, I had this mashed up dream:

DGG had entered a singing competition held by my primary school. He was the only contestant and the judge was Ms Sandra Chen from AMKSS. I was seated in the audiences with a whole choir. DGG started singing (?) or maybe more of saying out loud the lyrics of the song ‘Memory’.

“Memory, all alone in the moonlight~ lalala”

However, he was interrupted halfway through by Ms Chen, who claimed that DGG had not the slightest idea of the meaning of the song. She also said that due to the above reason, DGG was not qualified to enter the singing competition. With a disappointed look, DGG left the room and I followed after him.

“What did I do wrong? Why didn’t you help me?”

“You didn’t ask for my help! And if I knew you were gonna sing memory, I would have told you the meaning to that song!”

All of a sudden, DGG disappeared and I was strolling in my primary school (MCS) alongside Olivia. She suggested we had MacDonald’s, which we did. The MacDonald’s was located in MCS and it was more like a cafe in the eighties. We sat on stools facing the counter, hmmm… like in a bar. Once we have settled down, we were suddenly back at my house.

Apparently, Olivia invited herself over to my house for dinner with my family. The weirdest thing? She was the one cooking and refused any help from me. Once she was done in the kitchen, she started sweeping and dusting since mummy wasn’t home yet. I told her to stop doing all the chores but she just wouldn’t listen.

(There was a third part to this dream but I can’t remember. All I remembered was that it made a lot more sense than the above two.)

I woke up confused. It was a swirl of events. I shared the dream with mummy and this was what she said:

“What? DGG in a singing competition?!??!! Olivia doing household chores?!!!??! It MUST be a dream.”

And, I agreed with her.


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