Hotel Brain & Prioritizing

Hello world random people who actually reads my boring stuff!

I didn’t want to blog at first because I was supposed to be doing other ‘constructive’ things (i.e homework & research) and anyway, my posts usually consist of nothing but rants and more rants.


Yeah yeah I drew this. Please don’t judge me. HAHAHA.

But my pea-brain is feeling like a small hotel now. A thousand and one random backpackers (random thoughts) are fighting for a space to stay. As the manager of Hotel Brain, I would gladly like to entertain each and every one of them. However, it is not quite possible because the big client, Mr. Concentration, is demanding to book the entire hotel (including the function rooms and all the other bedrooms) for his big education fair. He would need all the staffs and amenities of Hotel Brain for entertaining his guests – Ms. Homework, Mrs. Revision, Mr. Research, Sir Read-ups, etc.

Well, what would you do if you are the manager of Hotel Brain?

I have decided to shoo the 1001 random backpackers away from my hotel for the time being, since they don’t really worth much (as of now). Let’s say I invest the entire hotel in the big shot, Mr. Concentration’s education fair and make it a success. What do I gain? He may recommend some of his business partners (Mr. Career & Mdm Money, etc) to Hotel Brain. Woohooo! By then, I would have the capital to expand the pea-size hotel into a 6 stars high-class hotel hahahahaha!

Correction: I’m not gonna ‘throw out’ the 1001 random backpackers. I would, to my utmost ability, find them a temporary & comfortable accommodation so that they would know that I still care for them and that they would not feel too neglected. Then, once my 6 stars Hotel Brain have been set up, I would then invite all of them to stay in VIP suites. Well, maybe not all of them, lest I go bankrupt.

I’m not sure if you would understand my – frankly speaking – quite lousy analogy. I don’t even know what I’m trying to express too, lol. Maybe all I’m trying to say is that I should first entertain the big shots and important things in life before turning the attention to other nitty-gritty details. You know? Prioritize a bit. Whatever. If you still don’t understand and would like to know more, click here for a wayyyyyyyy better analogy.

Random things:

“People don’t listen, they just wait for their turn to talk.” – Chuck Palahniuk

I can’t deny that I’m like this sometimes. But, I’m really trying my best not to.

“There’s zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas.” – Susan Cain

Exactly. Give others a chance. You never know what better ideas someone else might have.

My name is Siqi. That’s how it is printed on my birth certificate. I absolutely dislike it when my name is spelt as ‘SiQi’ or ‘Si Qi’. The big ‘Q’ is really ugly and annoys the hell out of me. HAHAHAHA. Just saying. And,

“while my prof was setting up for his lecture”

Kaiying found this on Tumblr and showed it to me. I LOL-ed literally. HAHAHA.
Sometimes, maybe, I need to feel that my professors, lecturers or teachers are normal human beings too.


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