Life – The Evil Gamemaster

Today, I learnt that Life is a gamemaster.
And in a sense, a rather unfair one.

The rules of Life’s game are simple:

For every turn, Life would throw a few obstacles at you. You choose one and try to overcome it to proceed on to the next turn. If you manage to overcome the obstacle, congratulations, you win a prize from Life himself. If the obstacle was not being handled properly, Life gets to take something of his choice from you. If you choose to give up, you shall be stuck in that turn until Life’s monsters (other players who have also given up and have become zombified) start attacking you to turn you into one of them.

The one thing about Life, he doesn’t like you to win. He is a stingy evil gamemaster who can’t bear to part with whatever gifts you have won from him. Every time you win, he gets angry and throws you larger obstacles to overcome at the next turn.

Last month, I overcame a few small obstacles and won myself a few prizes – a new friend, enhanced sociability, etc. Life must be really mad at me because recently, he threw me some high mountains which I failed to climb over. As a result, Life took my patience and also I’ve lost a friend to him.

I made a new friend and Life makes sure he takes one back from me. I’m finally becoming slightly more sociable and Life tells me to go back to becoming a hermit by taking away my tolerance for people. Unfair, isn’t it? What else can I do but play by his rules? Give up and get consumed by his monsters? No way, I would rather climb till my hands bleed than to be eaten by zombified failures.

I don’t know what he said to her. I cannot be sure if that’s the right thing to do. It’s cruel, yes it is. But I do know that things would never be the same again even if the words were never spoken. I don’t know what I can say, what I can do. I know I shouldn’t apologize because I really didn’t know what had happened happened until it already happened. The guilt is running berserk all around my circulatory system nonetheless. Was I too selfish? Conflicted. Urgh.

I hate Life’s stupid game. Why is it that we can never win? Why play in the first place? Is there a loophole? When can I reach the last hurdle Life throws at me? Would Death’s invisibility cloak cheat Life? Can I bribe Life with a chocolate muffin and beg him to let me off?

I’m missing my newly lost friend already. Oh boy, I do hate Life.

P/S: The first gift that Life gives you is a part of himself. The gift that starts you playing, the gift of life. And he makes sure to take it back as well.


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