I’m so very happy today! It’s a rare occasion, once in a blue moon thing. I should pop some champagne or light up some fireworks teehee. Hmmm okay, maybe not. First things first,


I wanted to put a photo of him but it’s rather inconvenient since I’m typing this post using the WordPress app on iPad. Anyway, poor EGG gets to spend his birthday all alone in a foreign country this year. We facetimed him just now and sang him a birthday song 🙂

Okie, now for other happy things:

1. It’s Deepavali tomorrow!

Yeahhhhhh no Monday blues today at all since it’s a public holiday tomorrow! School on Wednesday followed by no school on Thursday. I’m just so happy ^^v Ample time to catch up on work and stuff. Besides, most Singaporeans must have took today off to enjoy a long holiday. The MRT was considerably less crowded today.

2. I’m meeting up with min tomorrow! Triple yays!


Dr. Tan came to The Exchange last Friday to break this wonderful news to us. I’m so super excited we are gonna visit Stanford University!!! My dream university, I can cry TvT

-lights a few firecrackers and jumps in joy-

The only ‘downside’ is that subsidy is based on GPA and family income. Well, being an average kid for both, I’ll most probably get an average subsidy too. Still, I’m as happy as a lark 😀

Now for bad things that didn’t seem too bad after all the good news:

Our hep2 cells died after passaging. Bacteria contamination 😦

I still haven’t started on biostats probability.

New cases have been released. Uh-oh!

007 movie plans with the family was cancelled.
(But it was a blessing in disguise because min and I are going out.)

So yeah, this basically sums up my rather unhappening life for the past week. Ta-ta!


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