Tuesday. It was Deepavali, study date with min at Nex.

Min’s funny expressions, as usual.

Belated birthday gift from her. I love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

We went to sit at Starbucks and I couldn’t concentrate there at all. Noise everywhere. After staring at the microbiology journal for a few hours, I was still stuck at the introduction. Then my phone went out of signal. Ahhh. So I begged min to leave the place for the sky garden.

It was raining but we found a really good spot ๐Ÿ™‚ Tackled biochemistry while min disappeared to take photographs of handicap toilets and to measure the heights of staircases in the mall.

Note: She was analyzing Nex for her project.
Note: She then got ‘chased off’ by security guards! Hahaha!

A photo of us before going home.
Poor Toing is having her A levels. Can’t wait for her to be done with it!!! But by then it would be MST. Uh-oh.

Wednesday. Lessons at 9am, but I’ve got dental at 9.15am which I can’t reschedule.

SO, I went to NDC at 8am in the morning and prayed hard that someone would be late so I could take his/her slot. Being the responsible kid I am -clears throat-, I emailed the lecturer just in case everyone before the 9.15 slot decided to be punctual. Here goes my email:

Dear Dr. Lee,

(message from responsible kid)

Best Regards,
(Admin number)

I proofread the email twice before sending. A few minutes later, “Dr. Lee” replied, “Ok, Dr Lee?”. It was then I came to the conclusion that my brain is officially non-existent. You see, the lecturer’s surname was actually ‘Tan’. Ahhhhhhhhhh. I was so embarrassed I felt like this:


Being a lucky kid, my jay chou-fan dentist saw me at 8.20am so I managed to get to class just in time. Dr. Tan was rather surprised to see me. And I was too ashamed to look at him directly in the eye. HAHAHA.

End of ‘The Most Humiliating Scene Of My Life’, episode 3485708435-128347058.

Daiqian and I were running late for gened.
Can I mention that I was extremely touched? :’)

CCA ended late. Reached home at 9pm.

Thursday. Blah diddy blah blah blah.

Friday. Worst day of the week. Pathology and then Biostatistics. I still haven’t started on probability I should knock my head against the wall. Then again, considering the already sparse neuron population in my brain, I should probably not. Hmmm.

Yesterday & Today. Striked a few items off my never-ending to-do list, ate a few jellybeans and watched some TV.

Oh yes,


Perks of living in a multiracial country – Deepavali treats from the neighbours! ๐Ÿ˜€

Biochemistry presentation tomorrow. -faints-


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