Term Break


MST’s over. I feel so liberated. I can finally breathe!
Well, actually not because I’ve got a blocked nose and holiday assignments to complete 😦

Here’s a long update:


This happened on the first week of this term and I failed to mention it earlier. Teacher Joey treated us to Swensens. It was a nice ‘ketchup’ session. Okay. Not funny.


R.I.P our Hep 2 cells!


Customized a key chain for SPSEC during AEW. It was fun to watch the key chains shrink in the oven.


Mum cooked Fish Head Curry. It was superb! -mouth starts watering-

The week before MST, I headed to The Exchange early in hope that I would be more productive there. As I was browsing through haematopoiesis, EGG was talking about some detox camp on whats’app. He was explaining how detoxifying your body can cleanse it of all the residence ‘faces’.

Residence Faces

He meant to type ‘faeces’. I then drew this to spite him LOL!

I should add that I would be failing my Japanese due to severe lack of practice. BUT, I would most probably be able to get full marks for oral because after I finished singing ‘Love so Sweet’, Sensei said “Very Good!!!” HAHAHAHA. -shows off-

Oh, and on Wednesday, we had our final microbiology presentation. I was a bundle of nerves before the presentation because by that week I was already burning out and didn’t really read up on Northern Blot as in-depth as everyone else. But, it went fairly okay. I was kind of spared during the Q&A. Heehee. -heaves major sigh of relief-

The night before basic pathology,


After basic pathology test,


our class went for lunch at Astons together. It was my first time there. It felt like it was already the holidays, so I went home and read “Can you Keep a Secret?” by Sophie Kinsella.

Treasure finds from SP Library πŸ˜€

During the weekends, I studied biochemistry and finished reading “Looking for Alaska” by John Green. I need to read it again.

Then came Tuesday, the day I started panicking a little for Biostats.


I’ve been putting it off for far too long just because it was a math module 😦
Drew a mine turtle while doing tutorials to cheer myself up.

Biostats was certainly a pain in the ass. Although I did EVERY single question in the notes and tutorials, I blanked out during the test. Can’t even understand what the questions were asking 😦

Immunology was relatively okay. It’s one of my favourite modules after all.

Haematology was out to kill me 😦
I was too sad to study that night. Here’s Elmo trying, and failing to encourage me:


Finally, the grueling MST week is over! Our class went to celebrate yesterday. We had Javiers’


Many thanks to Daiqian & Victor for putting up with my endless rants for the past few days. Heehee.
And apologies to Kaiying for disturbing her 😦

Sorry if I sound like some kind of nerd emphasizing too much on studies. Last week was really a torture.


Too bad I’m more ‘me’ than Asian :<

This will be a busy holiday. Ta-ta!


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