5 Random Facts

Please read the ‘hello’ message at the right sidebar first before deciding if you’d like to continue. Remember, Siqi’s not to be held responsible if you’ve wasted your time reading 🙂

1. Siqi is an introvert.

No, contrary to popular belief, introverts are not antisocial. So is Siqi. She just enjoys spending time alone because being with people drains her chakra.

2. The soul of an old lady is trapped in Siqi’s body.

She believes that her two older brothers are to be responsible for this. Siqi totally blames them for being the cause to her absolute disinterest in anything considered ‘in’ by peers in her generation. Sometimes, however, she feels proud of this fact as it is what makes her different.

3. Siqi detests playing (even her favourite) games alone.

Her favourite games are retro games from the past, e.g. Tank, Circus Charlie, Space Pinball, Twin Bee, Mario Brothers, Neopets, etc. (Now, do you see the problem with Point 2?) She doesn’t know why but she just feels insecure playing alone. She’d rather not play at all.

4. Siqi is afraid of eyeballs.

A realistic nightmare in her fifth year alive was the main culprit. She held her eyeballs in her hands and showed them to her art teacher. Flimsy eyelids and hollow sockets. -shudders-

5. Love does not exist in Siqi’s dictionary.

To her, it’s only a heavily abused verb. No more than that.

Siqi hopes that your time wasn’t wasted 🙂


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