Clubbing, followed by a 推拿 session.


Okay so on Wednesday, we went to Zirca.
By ‘we’, I meant a mishmash of guides plus SC plus hybrid of both and also Hengling’s friends.

“How did it go?” you might ask. I’d say it was a total disaster.

The whole day, I was telling EGG how I’m totally not up for it. And, I didn’t tell DGG about it at all, so he had no idea (hehe!) Funny mummy was the one who ‘encouraged’ me to go ._. She says it’s good to experience such things at least once in a lifetime and she trusts us to 自爱. I think I have the most open-minded mum in the universe. I still went in the end, hence the existence of this post. Michael (or was it Joel? Or both?) brought along some liquor for us before we entered the club. Note: It didn’t taste very nice, but it was nice of them to have offered.

On our way to Zirca, I lost my footing at the stairs and twisted my ankle (-__-)
Mind you, I was the only one in flats, yet also, the only one who fell!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I only spent around 20 minutes in the club after the bouncer triple-checked the photo on my I/C with my face. Not that he was to be blamed of course, the mushroom on that card was certainly hideous. Now, let me break the situation down for you to see how utterly useless I was:

5 minutes: Reception area, waiting for Kareen
2 minutes: Clubbing area, started feeling queasy and not sure if it’s the blaring music or the alcoholic influence
4 minutes: Toilet, felt way better, confirmed thundering noise as the cause
9 minutes: Clubbing area, dying.

Once the above 20 minutes was up, I escaped, along with Shinyin in her broken heels. Felt a zillion times better the moment we stepped into the reception area. Noise doesn’t mix well with Siqi’s system. Point proven. Cabbed back to the safety of my quiet home.

That’s the end of Siqi’s comical first and last clubbing experience. LOL.
I didn’t even check the place out or try any cocktails 😦

Then the next morning, the twisted ankle wasn’t feeling any better so I went to visit the sinseh. I actually liked going to chinese physicians but not yesterday cause I’ve never had tui na in my life. Zhen jiu is okay, tui na is not. What made things worse was when the two other patients before me started writhing in pain and moaning X_X

I told the sinseh that my only problem was the twisted ankle from last night. He then proceeded to crack all the other bones in my entire body. It was a horrifying experience. I was in tears by the end of it. But it felt rather relaxing after, haha. The only problem was, my leg was still nowhere better after the whole treatment that costed me $40!!! Now I have no idea what to do. Wait out the pain I suppose.

Urgh. Bought these two first experiences with $50+.
Do you think it was worth it?
I’m still contemplating the answer.

After sharing my ‘clubbing experience’ with the family,



Mummy: Wha you very lousy leh!

Me: Oi how can say I lousy! The music was really loud and my whole heart was thumping like how Tom’s heart was when he saw pretty felines in Tom & Jerry cartoon. (E.g: Up to the throat, if you’ve never watched Tom & Jerry before)

Mummy: How much was the entrance fee?

Me: Thankfully, free. Why? You want to go?

Mummy: I cannot go to those type of places. I understand your jumpy heart feeling. I used to get that when I was a kid, whenever there were stage opera performances. The loud drums and dong dong qiang noises made me feel all queasy and puky.

I’ve translated the above conversation with mummy from mandarin.
Anyway, I’m just starting to think that my intolerance for noise was inherited. Hehehehe.

I wanted to post about christmas, but laziness got the better of me. Ta-ta!


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