I’m six days late but still:


(I’m really supposed to be doing pathology assignment but I’m currently a bundle of nerves. Don’t know why. But since concentration level is already on the negative scale…)

2012, ta-ta!

Last year certainly had its ups and downs. The first quarter of the year was extreme mental torture. Things started getting better by April, or so I thought. ANNNDD how very wrong I was. Once lectures resumed, zombie fang greeted the world. GEMBIO sucked. OCRM sucked. FUNANA sucked. LABBIO sucked. Memorizing sucked. I sucked. My GPA sucked. Everything sucked. Trust me, it was that bad. Pottery was the only thing that kept me sane.

Finally, it was vacation, my turning point in 2012. I decided against getting a job since we were visiting EGG in China anyway and it was an EXCELLENT decision. All the time in the world for decluttering, knitting and reading, playing with clay, etc.

Then term one of semester two began and we were introduced to case-based learning. We worked with new people, learnt and adapted to one another’s working style and going to school felt like learning (not merely studying, yuck) at last!!! I finally saw how knowledge from previous semesters were being applied (it actually got to a point when I kinda regretted not studying all the dry facts properly then). Nevertheless, I was SO happy even though we were piled with mountains of research to do and endless presentations to prepare for.

I also finally came to terms with (almost all) my imperfections. So yeah, I’m happy now and it’s all that matters.

2012 Resolutions

#1 Write: Totally didn’t write AT ALL. Failed miserably.

#2 Be brave: I did relatively well for this. There’s definitely room for improvement though.

#3 Don’t think (too much), just do!: This kinda co-relates with the previous one so good job 🙂

2013 Resolutions

#1 Run at least once a fortnight
#2 Build a Life’s Library
#3 Stop getting nostalgic over the future
#4 Master the art of small talks

I realized that I should set some measurable goals, hence number one even though I absolutely detest running.

2013, hello!

The start of this year has been okay so far. I’m looking forward to facing more new situations and obstacles, so that an evolved (and hopefully better) Siqi would appear by the end of this year. See you!


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