I would appreciate if…

1. lecturers gave clear instructions
2. people stopped staring at their gadgets when with me
3. drivers signal early
4. people were more patient, considerate and understanding
5. I didn’t whine so much and be so annoying
6. people were marshmallows
7. we had four school days per week
8. I had a real pensive
9. people started caring more about quality than quantity
10. we had more class outings

Played badminton with the class today after n Months of not exercising (lol). It was rather enjoyable though I was never good at that sport (not that I’m good at any sport actually -.-). Finally done with the microbiology report. This will be a crazy week.

Phage display, I’m too exhausted to spend any more time with you. Please be patient okay.
I want to go swimming so badly.

Why am I even a female!?


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