Y2S2 Break


Year two officially ended last Friday! We went to Gretel’s house to celebrate after that. Shall elaborate in one of my obligatory super-duper-long-winded-holiday-posts. Hehehe. As if anyone would be interested in that. Sometimes even I wouldn’t want to read it myself -_-

So, I’ve been spending quite a lot of time on Neopets these few days. It’s almost crazy. Babysitting now. Binbin’s sleeping. Gonna swim later. Do hope it doesn’t rain.

Holiday Plans:

Read. Brush up on GEMBIO or suffer during internship. Swim. Sew. Pottery. Blog (decent posts). Declutter. Work (?)

That’s about it. Shan’t attempt doing too much stuff. Okay, binbin is wailing. Gotta go!


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