Here comes the obligatory super-duper-looooooong-holiday-post!

As the title already suggests, this is gonna be damn long and most likely extremely boring.
So, two words for you – DON’T READ!
(unless you really wanna stalk me or whatever, you get the point…)

Let’s start with….

 photo IMG_1325_zps1b084450.jpg

The first Y2S2T2 Japanese lesson. It was freaking hot and bright. The air-con was stuck at 30 degree celsius and we were all combusting in the classroom.

Found this wantanabe guy quite funny. Hence the picture. His name reminds me of wanton mee. HAHAHA.

I didn’t do too well for japanese this term… or this semester. Oh alright! I didn’t do well for this whole year 😦 It’s tough juggling so many things okay. -inserts truckloads of rubbish excuses-

 photo IMG_1324_zpsfbf72558.jpg
ζ–Œζ–Œζ»‘ζœˆε’―οΌThere was a massive celebration. I (probably) had the longest ever conversation with yingying since primary three that day. It was nice. Somehow πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_1323_zpsd8d6ccf8.jpg

SJJ’s sister got this for the decorations. I sort of pitied it because the wind was very strong that day.


I must say, this term’s practicals were quite fun. It might be because our class became slightly more bonded too.

Haematology. Our blood smears!

 photo IMG_1360_zps25d8c47d.jpg

Blood collected from finger pricking. I used the excess for drawing. Morbid and unprofessional, I know.

 photo IMG_1473_zps37c405db.jpg

My leukocytes.

 photo IMG_1518_zpsf21c9941.jpg

Stayed up till three (while chatting with kaiying) drawing this for Mr.D.

Guess who? πŸ˜€

 photo IMG_1620_zpsd9697519.jpg

Extremely yummy pineapple tart from Dr.TEL

 photo IMG_1546_zps8a6d6e4d.jpg

Delicious and pretty looking omu rice after class badminton session ^^

 photo IMG_1366_zps66cb5a42.jpg

Farewell dinner for Kow (Korea) and Jolene (Yale). I forgot to bring the mini present I got for them. Stupid die me. Can only pass it to them after they return and it beats the purpose of ‘going-away-gifts’ already.

This term, we were all thrown into groups of threes assigned by the lecturers. I was in the same group as Thamil and Junfeng. Naturally, it was quite worrying at first because… we don’t know one another that well and we’ve never worked together before. Thankfully, we had similar working styles (read: last-minuters plus sort-of-chill) and we were able to work together quite efficiently. So yay to us πŸ˜€

Right! I remembered meeting up with Triangle at Pizzahut quite some time ago. I cannot emphasize how much I love Toing and Min!!! I guess we are the kind of friends that can talk about everything under the sky even without meeting up or chatting for a long time. Time with them is never enough. It’s always ‘to be continued?’ and pick up where we left off kind of thing. That’s nice. Oh, after dinner they came over to my place and I gave them the Twin Cups πŸ™‚ I think that’s rather meaningful. Okay, I purposely mentioned their names because min loves to see her name being mentioned -_-” HAHAHA.

SPEC Dinner. I had second thoughts about attending it because haematology exam was the next day and I haven’t revised a single coagulation factor. But I didn’t want to break my promise and also because it was too last-minute to find a replacement, so I went. The guy beside me was what Holden Caulfield would call a phony. But hahaha who cares. Other than him, there were good food and company. Shan’t elaborate about the phony in case he is reading this right now. Oh dear, I do hope not.

Chanced a meeting with great-i-forgot-her-name-again from Mt. Alvernia. I was actually kind of hesitant to make eye contact or any form of acknowledgement at first (because I thought she wouldn’t remember me) but I’m glad I did. Wave to her that is. We talked for around 10 minutes. It was nice. Honest.


Finally reached this part. Boring-est of all.

Biochemistry was a piece of cake. (Seldom am I so confident)
Immunology was meh. I mixed up hyper and hypothyroidism. Graves’ and Hashimoto.
Biostats was disaster.
Haematology was okayyyyy.

This pretty much sums up biostats or more accurately, my life. On the bright side, my nightmare of me not having a cheatsheet did not come true.

So yeah, I only slept for 45 minutes the day (or night) before haemae because of SPEC dinner. Extremely grateful to Jillyn for staying up and studying with me and calling to wake me up. I was so tempted to throw the phone at her when it rang (lol, no kidding). But luckily she was in CCK and I really should not do that to someone’s who’s doing me a huge favour.

Steamboat @ Gretel’s

Congratulations if you read up till here. You must be a loser who have nothing better to do and possibly a little too interested in my life huh (yeah yeah, future Siqi, I know you are reading this right now).

Haemae ended at 10. We returned our iPads by 11am. Goodbye iPad! No more suite life during breakfast.

We took the ultra long journey to sengkang and shopped for ingredients as a class. Wenjin was totally mummy-material!!! I was famished and couldn’t stop moaning and/or whining hahaha. Hey! Supper/Breakfast at 5am ain’t cool okay! Reached Gretel’s house and I was fascinated by her yearly chinese new year family photos. They were all nicely framed and hung on the wall in her living room. So heartwarming!

Hung around the kitchen trying to be of use to Bertrand and Wenjin. They were amazing! Should be more hardworking and learn ingredient-preparation-skills from mummy next time. Steamboat was great. We watched movies and pitch perfect was good! Monopoly-ed and Mahjong-ed. Lady Luck was certainly shining on Jeff! Pizza and leftover steamboat for dinner while watching ABTM. Cake for Bertrand. Oh man, I forgot to mention I was the one who ruined his surprise 😦 Forever ηŠΆε†΅ε€–. HAHAHA. Sorry guys!!! At least we didn’t need to hide the cake LOL.

Okay. End of this post. No proper ending because I’m too lazy. Good night, goodbye!

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