Epiphany. Sort of.

I’ve just finished reading a book.

And found yet another reason as to why The Catcher in the Rye is so stuck with me despite it being downright boring.

The reason is pretty simple. Heh.

You see, all the other protagonists of the books I’ve ever read were always good at something. Be it dancing, singing, having artistic abilities, writing (envy!!!), photography (latest read), sports, etc. I admit it might be because I’m too limited in my book choices (hahahaaaa). But surely, you have to agree with me that most normal fictional stories (dramas included) always have fairytale endings of sorts, or lead characters being either extra kind or talented.

TCITR was the only book that I’ve read so far with the main character being a useless whiny idiot. Just the fictional person whom I (and probably anyone else with inferiority complexes) could fully identify with, minus all the dropping out and other vices, of course!

So yeah, it’s a fiction that keeps things real. Or rather, keeps my fantasies in check and not give false hopes that everything in life will turn out fine. Because they will not. Unless you are a Disney princess.

Therefore Holden, I feel you.

Time to sleep. Good night.


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