I know I’ve posted some of these before but still……

it’ll never be enough!!!

Here goes (again):

One Song

Oh, Sing Sweet Nightingale

Every time I sing this, my cat sticks it tongue out at me and leaves the room.
And I don’t even have a cat!

The Work Song / A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Mice)

My favourite part. I like Gus a lot!

So This Is Love

Once Upon A Dream

Prince Phillip is pretty… physical (?) Hahahaha!
Keeps grabbing Aurora’s hands!
My my, what cheesy pick up lines.

Cruella De Vil

Dalmatian Plantation

When You Wish Upon A Star

This song gives me a feeling I cannot comprehend or describe.
Pinocchio is my absolute favourite Disney cartoon. It’s so sad.
Jiminy Cricket is pretty cute too.

I apologize if you think I’m acting cute hahaha!

You can always choose not to click the ‘play’ button, you know?


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