Sigh pie

Currently so frustrated and hollow.

Over what? No idea.

Have been trying to reread and get more insights out of Fahrenheit 451 these few days. Halfway through it and I’m so overwhelmed at all the details I’ve missed during the first reading. Or rather, browsing.

I have this weird habit of reading all my books at least twice. Because as hard as I try not to, I always end up rushing like mad in order to know what’ll happen in the next chapter and stuff like that. And because I am a hopelessly incompetent speed reader, not fully comprehending the book is what happens. Hence the second reading ensues.

I would like to have a pen that can write whatever my mind is thinking. Oh how useful it’ll be!

Realised that I tend to imitate people (or some of their little quirks and habits) around me to a certain degree sometimes. It happens subconsciously. Now, thanks to daiqian, I keep thinking of pies whenever anyone mentions ‘sigh’. Hehehe.


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