Home Alone – Part One


Right, so mummy came home from Beijing and I’m no longer home alone. Luckily there were no burglars lurking around my house because I’m nowhere as smart as Kevin. Okay, so here’s a summation of how I survived ten days (only, lol) alone. There will be quite a lot of details hahaha. So please, do bear with me.


Sent binbin to his infant care before going for a swim.
Reached home to bid mummy farewell. HA begins!

Dinner: Ajisen with Kaiying

Tried downloading an e-book online and my laptop became infected with virus. Weird wood noises came from behind the cupboard. It was a shitty night.


Breakfast: Kopitiam with DGG & SJJ
Lunch: Maggie Mee
Dinner: Leftovers from Friday’s lunch

Went over to DGG’s to get the Trojan out of the laptop.


Breakfast: Leftovers from Friday’s lunch

Accompanied Shinyin to university open house. We went to visit SUTD first. Wow, it’s a pretty good school! I like their small intake size (500 students only), interactive libraries, super cool workshops, compulsory hostel stay and the people there were… friendly? δΊ²εˆ‡ would be a better word to use but I don’t know how to translate it properly. It’s a pity they focus heavily on physics and mathematics, both of which I’m extremely lousy at 😦

Next stop was SMU. The minute we entered the school’s premises (mainly the admin building), we were overwhelmed by the crowd. People, everywhere! It’s scary. Managed to squeeze into the theater for the School of Business talk. There were not enough seats so Shinyin and I (and the rest of the other people) were forced to sit on the floor. After the talk ended and majority of the people left, we stayed behind for the Accountancy talk. The guy was quite convincing. Though halfway through I burst into a fit of silent giggles because I thought he looked exactly like the workshop manager from SUTD whom we’ve just met that morning. Super funny I swear!

I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but I didn’t like the school one bit. Not because their toilet bowl became choked and its contents started spilling everywhere when I was in the cubicle (-_-) You can ask me for the details. HAHAHA. But because the people there gave me a bad feeling. Too mercenary, maybe? Luckily it’s none of my business whether SMU’s good or not cause I’m not a business student and will most probably not be enrolled in that school anyway.

Dinner: MOF (AMK) with Shinyin, Kaiying and Shihui

We then walked around hub and talked rubbish. As usual. Returned home with a wide variety of fragrance on different body parts. Hehe!


Breakfast: Sunny-side up, Bread, Tea

Was supposed to meet BFFs for lunch, movie and dinner but I was feeling under the weather, so stayed home instead. Spent the morning planning my itinerary for the week and grocery-shopping. Want to know what I bought? No? Are you sure? I’m still gonna show you anyway, muahaha!

 photo IMG_2056_zpsb9af592c.jpg

Lunch: Maggie Mee

Then the whole afternoon was spent sorting out a whole week’s worth of ingredients, preparation and brewing soup (and praying for it to taste good).

 photo IMG_1906_zpsd924101b.jpg

Introducing… the Carrot, Onion and Potato Soup (COP Soup) or what we call 警察汀 in our family. HAHAHA. I couldn’t find sweet onions so used the regular ones instead and wasn’t sure if it would taste okay. Thankfully, the soup turned out great πŸ˜€

 photo IMG_1915_zps1bb5dbf4.jpg

Dinner: Rice, Stir-fried Chye Sim, COP Soup

Oh yes! I forgot to mention that I accidentally ate mouldy bread that morning. Didn’t realise they went stale until I went to check how many pieces of bread I’m left with. I love my immune system πŸ˜€


Breakfast: Sunny-side up, Bread, Tea

Didn’t do anything much except cooking and clearing up. These two activities are very time-consuming!!! Or it might be because I do things too slowly (as pointed out by Daiqian).

 photo IMG_1939_zpse3876de6.jpg

Lunch: Rice, Stir-fried Chye Sim, Fish balls, COP Soup

 photo IMG_1940_zps00bdf4ba.jpg

Here’s a closer view of the flower-power fish balls!

 photo IMG_1941_zps8917ee31.jpg

That evening, I cooked Bak Kut Teh (to be eaten the day after) because I won’t have time to cook the next day. Headed out for pottery and then had dinner at 10.45pm ._. Unhealthy lifestyle, do not copy.

 photo IMG_1950_zpse0f17cdb.jpg

Dinner: Rice, Stir-fried Spinach with a small serving of sliced meat, COP Soup

Hahaha, just realised I ate almost the same things. The soup was enough for three meals, hurrah!

To be continued…


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