Just some visual updates for pottery…

Source: Tumblr

 photo IMG_1944_zps35c6e3ed.jpg

 photo IMG_1943_zps6be76b88.jpg

Close up on the obese bird.

I did this on weeks one and two. It’s the biggest column I’ve ever attempted so far. Attaching skills still quite poor, hope the birdie and handle wouldn’t fail me. Need to buck up!

Source: Tumblr

 photo IMG_2054_zps8888b57f.jpg

Weeks three and four. It’s my first time making a lid. My peacock is a little malnourished hahaha.

Yeah yeah, I use 6 hours to complete one piece. Ought to learn to work faster 😦

Gonna show the world the secret-but-not-so-secret-anymore craft project that I’ve been working on tomorrow. If I don’t chicken out (like what happened for Trexx) that is. It’s really ugly 😦

Okay. Ta-ta.


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