Friday – Gretel’s Belated Birthday Celebration

Unknowingly taken up the role of being the co-organizer. It’s not easy accommodating everyone’s preferences. Kudos to Wenjin. Luckily, the event turned out okay-ish though only eight people showed up (lol). Settled the gift shopping within 20 minutes, then walked around Bugis for a bit before heading to Just Acia @ Dhoby Gaut to meet the rest.

Marcus baked some really tasty lemon thingy. Yum 🙂

Not long after, Wenjin went to bring Gretel to us. I’d say the surprise was successful? Hehe!

 photo IMG_2124_zps61635a68.jpg

 photo IMG_2120_zps6f0e0b5d.jpg

 photo IMG_2128_zps8862b722.jpg

We then ate and had the fruit cake from Four Seasons. So grateful towards one of the staffs there. Made a fool of myself in Uniqlo afterwards. I was having fun trying on all sorts of hats and shades while the others just stood around watching and laughing with (or at???) me ._.

Saturday – TPDC GEM 8

 photo IMG_2136_zps17f51936.jpg

Attended Take 8: GEM last night to support min. Toing suddenly pangseh, so I went with Kaiying and the other dancers instead. But it was good, a new experience I guess.

 photo IMG_2135_zps8bdf7b56.jpg

The dances were good, but I felt that the “Mr Oui” parts were too draggy and perhaps a little lame. It was easy to spot min among the other dancers on stage cause of her distinct short hair 🙂

Have been experiencing these terrible migraine episodes for the past few days. Horrible. Body clock’s pretty screwed up too, what with staying up till 3am playing Solitaire almost every night. I have an addiction. Obsession over one of the most boring card games on earth. Hmmm.

Woke up at 4 plus this morning with stomach flu and thinking I was Moby Dick. I’ve never even read the book or watched the screenplay before. So that’s pretty weird.

Tryannia Plot is getting boring. We are fighting against the ‘big monster’ (mine being ‘Envy’ cause I’m from the Order) now. And it’s impossible to win thus requiring a group effort, though TNT says there are indeed players with super pets who could K.O the monsters. I wonder how long they’ve been training. Speaking of which, I already gave up cause codestones are way too expensive. Tsk.

Shall end this post with some pictures of the No-Longer-A-Secret Craft Project, which debuted on Friday. It’s a relief no one really takes note of your footwear cause then I could wear these out at ease.

Beware, ugly pictures ahead:

 photo IMG_2143_zpsad356104.jpg

 photo 1-10_zps55adba10.png

 photo 2-6_zpse88acd25.png

P/S: Please don’t ask what the yellow-pink thingy is ._.

P/P/S: Watched The Perks of being a Wallflower with DGG just now. It was boring max.


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