Monday was pretty bad. Couldn’t sleep at night and suddenly, bam! Results for Y2S2 made its way into my inbox. Initial reaction equals upset. Evaluated all the grades and concluded that everything was within my expectations. Well, except for gened. I knew the teacher didn’t like me. I knew it.

Note: You may think it’s an excuse. I beg to differ.

Strong refusal to conform to the society’s unreasonable demand of requiring straight ‘A’s printed in black and white on the diploma in order for one to get a scholarship or a high-paying job. So what if one’s final cumulative GPA is a 4.0? It means nothing if he/she has no emotional or moral quotient.

Sure, my b&w value is certainly not high (enough). You can mock me, call me stupid.
Because I am. I have no idea how to manipulate the system. But inside, I’m better than that.

Accompanied mummy to TTSH on Tuesday. Walked around novena square and got ourselves some korean spicy rice cakes, which didn’t taste good at all. Arrived an hour and a half early for pottery. Teacher finally reached and I pestered him to teach me the art of clay wedging, or kneading. Ended up with extremely sore arms (that’s still sore) and a half-done super big cup at the end of the day. Muscle ache due to improper clay kneading technique (hahaha!).

SPSEC bootcamp today was …… repetitive? Idk, phonies everywhere I wanna puke. Fullstop.
Part two on Saturday. Looking forward to the Red Dot Museum Tour.
Or maybe not that much, since I’m a bag of lazy bones.

Clueless crew is at it again. Sigh.

I’m nothing but a big hypocrite.
It’s funny to admit but I’m a phony too. Maybe the worse of them all.


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