Hello. This is a random post.

Remember the time when I went to Zirca and came home 20 minutes later with a twisted leg?
(HAHAHA. Okay stop laughing now!)

So, I visited the sinseh the day after and was given an intense tui na session.

At the end of it, the sinseh informed me that my body is officially slanted towards the right. He ‘reprimanded’ me after identifying the cause as “bad sitting postures”.

I guess this picture pretty much sums everything up. Teehee.

The only way to seem less slanted was to constantly tilt my body towards the left. I was also warned not to sit on sofas anymore. But urgh!!! Easier said than done. You don’t consciously tilt your body to one side even though you know it will do you good, because your body doesn’t know it’s slanted towards the other side. Plus, what’s a couch potato that’s not sitting on a couch? Fries? Chips? Okay, end of lame jokes.

Conclusion: I’m probably gonna have to live with a slanted body and regrets for not rectifying the problem for the rest of my life.


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