Ignore the title. It’s a very interesting word but has zero correlation to this post.
Merely used it because I can’t think of a proper title.

So… I’ve been acting like a typical Fahrenheit 451 citizen for the past few weeks. Catching up on dramas and reality TV. Kaiying came over for Fringe Marathon! Fringe is the type of show I enjoy watching a lot because of a few factors:

1. It is science fiction.
2. It has interesting stuff (i.e spotting the observer, glyphs, etc.)
3. The story line is super interesting.

I’m into Episode 15 of Season One now. So far the plot has been pretty predictable. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched too many dramas in the past. And I don’t really dare to watch Fringe by myself. Gory stuffs (albeit being rather fake) and the fact that many of the things happening seem to be in close relation to the biomedical field. It’s as if those stuff can happen to me anytime if I’m careless in the lab, which I almost always am -_-” So yes, that makes me afraid.

Sunk so deeply into the holiday mood that it is next to impossible to convince myself to start decluttering or reading up on GEMBIO for ITP. Anyway, boat reach harbor naturally straight (船到桥头自然直) right? HAHAHA. Direct translation. Oh well, shall just 顺其自然.

Realized that I tend to use ‘I’ a lot and that makes me sound like a really selfish person. But I haven’t a clue how to construct self-expression sentences without the usage of ‘I’. Anyone has any idea how to brush up on this? Please help!!!


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