Seriously, I’m starting to regret my decision. Or rather, chain of decisions.
Irritation at its maximum.
Endure, it would be a waste to give up now.

Anyhow, hello!

I spent the entire yesterday blogging. Not here apparently. Elsewhere. The CCA blog. I revamped the whole website too. It’s been a long time since I had the chance to fiddle around with blog templates and choosing colours and what nots. Yeah, the CCA blog is powered by wordpress too. Something I’m familiar with at the very least. But still took me a while to figure out how the wordpress templates work. Because this unpaid for blog here does not allow for personal customization, boohoo.

So after yesterday, I am seriously tempted to convert back to blogger. Then again, I would miss the wordpress reader function. Besides, holidays are almost over. No more time to explore and get accustomed to the new blogger platform.

ITP starts in two days’ time. I’m pretty nervous and worried and excited about it. Mostly worried since I haven’t been reading up on any transposon or prostate cancer stuff. Man, I’m so gonna suffer for the next seven months 😦

Went back to school the other day for briefing. It gave me a headache. But I’m glad to be able to see the faces of my classmates one last time before ITP starts. And Gretel is too cute, hehehe. We were observing her on her job from outside her office :p

Okay I have nothing else to talk about.

If you wanna see what I’ve done to the CCA site, you can click here. But do bear in mind that I’m not a professional web design master like Tay Kaiying. So yeah, don’t expect too much.

P/S: I forgot to mention that I passed year two japanese! Woohooo! It’s a miracle.
P/P/S: Migraines are stupid. Why won’t they go away?!?!


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