First Day of ITP


It’s the end of the school holidays.
Our Industrial Training Programme (ITP) officially started today.

The reporting time on mysas was 9.00am but hamtaro told me to report at 9.30am instead.
Guess what time I reached IMCB?



Chose the earlier timing to play safe. I decided to reach an hour earlier than the reporting time because I was afraid that I might get lost. But turns out hamtaro was right. So an hour and a half early for me that is, ample time to recce. While waiting for my supervisor (Dr.Y) at the lobby, Thamil & Janna strolled in and surprised me. Then I learnt that they would be here until August (?) when they’ll move back to the lab in TTSH.

Read through three pages of a 23-page long journal about cancer hallmarks while Dr.Y and the rest were having their weekly meeting. Didn’t had the chance to meet other colleagues. Lunched at the MOE building (Thank you Shinyin!) before heading back to the Matrix to meet Victor & Yijing.

Sat through a safety briefing with Thamil & Janna and some other new staffs from 2.30pm to 5.30pm. That Jong guy covered half a term’s worth of LABBIO in less than three hours! *claps* With only 4 hours of sleep last night and the fact that all the blood in my brain were in my small intestines after lunch, Z-monster attacked.

Thankfully, I managed to survive till the end of day one.

Currently so tired even though I did nothing much today. The journal’s really interesting but the technical terms are hindering my progress. I need to learn speed-reading and comprehension skills. We’ll be starting practical stuff tomorrow. Hope that I don’t screw things up. Ta-ta.

P/S: Will not be blogging too much about ITP anymore because of certain confidentiality policies 🙂


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