ITP have been going smoothly so far, thank goodness! I’m extremely grateful to have a patient and understanding supervisor. I do hope that Hamtaro doesn’t have to visit though, but he still has to so……. fine. I should be fine with it. Will be casting protein gel for western blot on my own tomorrow morning, please wish me luck.

GEMBIO & CELLBIO are super important modules. Both of which I’d screwed up.
Suffering the consequences now *sobs*

Anyway, I think interviews are bullshit.
How much can you really know about a person in a measly ten minutes’ time?
For goodness’ sake, they might be are just putting up an act and you wouldn’t even know!

Just think of how well you know your parents. You spend a whooping 20+ years living under the same roof with them and yet you still might not understand them completely. I bet people can’t even figure themselves out completely even when they spend an entire lifetime being, well, themselves!

So perhaps I was too quick to judge. In that case, I apologize.
And you can go and mind your own business from now on. Thank you very much.


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