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Western blot is fun. Mini and Midi preps are fun. Immunofluorescence is fun. Calculations are not. I can only do them when no one is looking at me. Tissue culture is a stressful event too. I am enjoying ITP so far 🙂 Dr.Y gave me an introduction to my FYP project title on Friday. Sounds interesting. The whole of next week have already been mapped out, I do hope that nothing will go too wrong.

Hamtaro visited last week. It was pretty awkward so when he asked me, I told him there’s no need to visit too frequently. Mainly because I didn’t think he should waste time on me since he is busy with his own stuff and all is fine for now. But I was probably too blunt with it.

Conclusion: I have no tact.

Need to take up a crash course on 1001 Ways For Sugar-Coating Words So That You Do Not Offend Anybody ASAP.

That aside, let me tell you about Victor’s Hot-Looking MALE Ang Moh Eye Candy.

Yijing, Victor and I were having lunch at the food court one day when Victor suddenly remarked on how beautiful were the eyes of an angmoh guy seated near us. Took a closer look at said angmoh and found him quite familiar. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him in Proteos before. After lunch, I carried out my experiments as usual. Then, I saw the angmoh-with-beautiful-eyes. Oh he was in the same lab as me alright! So I informed Victor about it.

“OMG HAHAHAHAHAAH! Your Hot-Looking MALE Ang Moh Eye Candy is really in my lab!”

“OMG! *goes to skybridge and peep*

Then I did my best to suppress laughter in the open concept laboratory.

The next day however, I made eye contact with Victor’s crush early in the morning along the common corridor. Giggled, dodge and rolled (okay I exaggerated a little bit) back to my cubicle immediately. Now that angmoh probably thinks I am a weirdo -_-”

Had a nice chat with Joey and Keisha on Friday night. EGG returned from Beijing yesterday. Went to see binbin ‘swim’ at babyspa but he cried non-stop cause he was too tired hahaha. Had Zha Jiang Mian at Din Tai Fung for lunch and Melben Seafood crabs for dinner. Yumyum. Today’s meals seem to be very sinful too. I do hope that the hills I scale every morning to work can make up for my extreme lack of exercise. Ha! Good-bye.


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