There’s a reason,

why people aren’t marshmallows.

I first thought it would be nice if they were because imagine on a crowded train, everyone can just lean on everyone else and it would be a soft and comfy ride. But then I gave it further thought and realized it wasn’t that simple. See, if people were marshmallows, they would become sticky upon perspiration. Instead of experiencing a comfy ride on a crowded train, people are more likely to clump together. LOL.

I’m not crazy you know.

I am really so absent-minded that sometimes I don’t know why I’m given a brain for. For example, that day I was supposed to passage the cells to a 1:5 dilution. I ended up transferring ALL of them into the new flask. The best part was that I did not even realize what I’d done until the following day when Dr.Y told me. The good thing is that, I was given more new flasks to passage (hehe) so now cell culture no longer makes me nervous. Ha! I do hope that I won’t enter the lab tomorrow to find that the other six flasks of cells are all dead.

You know, I’m the type of person who can get so self-conscious when I find that people are looking at me. Sometimes, I may even forget how to breathe. That’s the reason why I found myself all jittery the other day when I was using the Nanodrop and this angmoh lady from the other lab was staring at me. Oh, I’m pretty sure she was probably just staring absent-mindedly while waiting for me to move my slow ass along, BUT it was really stressing me out. Social anxiety. Sigh.

Oh, and last week at the coffee shop, I ordered a cup of tea and the auntie told me it was $2. I ran back to my family feeling shell-shocked. It was very embarrassing indeed.

I was very upset on Friday because I’ve been searching high and low for The Great Gatsby since 2 years ago but couldn’t find it in the bookshops. And now that the movie is coming out, the book can be found like everywhere. It would be good news if the cover were the same as the original. But no, it has to be revamped. There has to be some stupid interview with the directors or actors of the movie. Urgh. I am so upset.

Plus, I bought the wrong book on Friday. Thinking that Eleven Minutes was The Alchemist. The cover was just too misleading okay. It was not refundable. To make things worse, Eleven Minutes was some book about love & sex (-_-“) I am extremely upset. The reason I am blogging about this is because I do not want anyone to stumble across my bookshelf, see the book and think I am some sort of “teen with raging hormones” LOL. But yes, I will keep it as a reminder to DOUBLE OR TRIPLE CHECK whatever I’m buying next time.

Right right. I almost forgot to add that I am a control freak. That’s why I can’t ride a bike or learn to drive. Things that I cannot control freaks me out.

So. After reading the few paragraphs above, I’m pretty sure most of you would be judging me.
I cannot ask you not to, so go ahead if you like.
I would really appreciate if you don’t of course.

Working is so exhausting.
I just want to eat, watch TV (or do stuff that don’t require brainpower) and sleep when I get home.

Off to watch Fringe. I’m at Season Three already 😀


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