Nothing special have been going on in this mundane life of mine. Everyday, it’s a cycle of travel — work — travel — binbin — fringe — sleep

So. Graduation. I’m not at all affected by it, unlike some of my peers HAHA. Like kaiying, I don’t really want to graduate at all. The thought of REALLY stepping into the adult world is frightening. There are still so many things I don’t know. How to survive?

Yesterday, there was a lab meeting. I felt ridiculously stupid. Hmm. Ridiculous because I’ve prepped myself to feel stupid but still can’t help feeling like a complete idiot. Haha. So much for mental preparation -_-”

I think ITP’s a relatively good learning platform though. Dr. Y have been acting like my personal tutor (hehe) I would do the experiments she assigns me to do then write some logbook entry and clarify with her the things I’m unsure of. Neat cycle, perfect for tactile learners.

Okay I’m nearing my station now. So abrupt end. Ta-ta!

P.S: My genetics knowledge really CMI.

How much sense of worthlessness can one take before it’s too much?


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