weak | week


I’ve been sick for the entire week.
Sunday to Tuesday, throat infection. Wednesday to Today, stomach flu.

My attendance for the week is only 10% since I managed to make it to work, albeit only half the day, on Wednesday. Considering how I had climbed up the hill of agony, vomited water on my way to Proteos and endured until after lunch, I’d give myself a pat on the back.

 photo IMG_2684_zps50bb718a.jpg

Pills I’ve gotten after 3 visits to the doctor.

Friction sucks, when you have diarrhoea (shall not get into details lol) and when you are wearing braces. As if falling sick for a week isn’t enough, an ulcer developed in my mouth. It is now a gaping hole. Ouch!

Anyway, here are some random visual updates. Finally.

 photo IMG_2518_zps5303c9dd.jpg

That’s a doodle version of Walter Bishop saying “Peace out”.
I’m at Season 4 of Fringe. Things are getting even more exciting and unpredictable!

 photo IMG_2578_zps2282d82d.jpg

Green Tea flavoured Pocky from Joey 🙂

 photo IMG_2576_zps946d0f08.jpg

Zha Jiang Mian from Din Tai Fung. Yummy. Gonna treat Jillyn to this some day.

 photo IMG_2559_zpsacb0f54b.jpg

Smint. Childhood candy, though I hated mints as a kid.
I just like how the candies are being dispensed from this innovative container.

 photo IMG_2588_zps25635b96.jpg

A very ad-hoc map I drew for EGG so that he could help me return my overdue book.

 photo IMG_2673_zpsb02b6316.jpg

Mini class gathering at 18 Chef @ Tiong Bahru.
It was a surprisingly pleasant meeting 🙂

 photo cd11964b-7146-42a6-be21-cc5486c0c779_zps8b01f0e9.jpg

Some logic.

Oh, and I’ve recently started playing iSketch again with Kaiying. LOL.
I think the game got famous because of this Tobuscus guy on YouTube.
Anyway, it’s quite a fun game until you get bored so do try it.

The ‘drowsiness’ side effect of one of my pills is starting to hit, ta-ta.


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