Massive chunk of rubbish thoughts

There’s this traffic officer whom I run into every morning on my way to work. We always exchange ‘good morning’s but today he added something else:

“Girl, why do you look so sad? Cheer up! Have a great day ahead okay!”


Did I really seem very sad? Or did he interpret my what-should-I-eat-for-lunch-I-am-so-tired-can-someone-like-converse-with-me-a-proper-conversation-that-is-not-small-talk-I-hate-small-talks-WAH-what-a-big-lorry-right-someone-talk-to-me-I-don’t-have-the-courage-to-initiate-talks-why-is-that-so-OMG-I-am-so-useless-why-can’t-I-do-anything-right-urghhhhhh-I-hate-my-life-the-future-is-so-bleak-what-will-become-of-us-I-am-surely-gonna-be-a-hobo-maybe-I-should-marry-a-rich-guy-but-I-am-too-pant-pant-pant-ugly-no-one-will-want-me-so-let’s-forget-wah-this-sun-seriously-ah-about-the-rich-guy-okay-now-I’m-really-worried-NEED-WATER-about-my-future-oh-good-morning as ‘sad’?


Despite the kind man’s sincere efforts in wishing me a good day, I still had a bad one. Nothing bad happened to me. The day went bad because I was in a bad mood. Bad thoughts equals bad days equals bad life.

Maybe what pissed me off most was the inconsideration.

I should stop. Time to get busy in the kitchen. Good-bye!


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