Mars is bright tonight

 photo IMG_2506_zpscd065809.jpg

XLBs! Forgot when and where this was taken.

 photo IMG_2651_zps97829e02.jpg

Splurged on lunch with Victor and Yijing.

 photo IMG_2658_zpsd9da2bf8.jpg

Jillyn’s super big teddy bear.

Travelled to CCK after work one day with an empty stomach. Dapaoed bar chor mee and arrived at Jillyn’s house. She welcomed me half-awake, turned on the television for me and went back to bed. What a way to welcome people man! That night I kicked and elbowed her in my dreams as a form of revenge, oops!

 photo IMG_2736_zps41cdb116.jpg

Giving frozen grapes a try too, after witnessing the hype on Instagram. It’s not bad but I think I’ll stick to the usual normal grapes 🙂

 photo IMG_2688_zps3e7d04d2.png

Why so cute!!!

 photo IMG_2757_zps70e30ee0.png

A dose of Siqi’s BHBness hahaha in case you didn’t know.

 photo IMG_2750_zpsc507efcd.jpg

Caught up with these lovely people on Friday night. Shinyin is still crazy as ever! We had Swee Choon for dinner.

 photo IMG_2748_zpsb79053f4.jpg


 photo IMG_2743_zps35a4ebdf.jpg

I dunno about you guys but I’d prefer to have dimsum with chinese tea any day because I’m a traditional old-fashioned lao kok kok trapped in a young girl’s body.

Had a very very very short meet-up with Teacher Joey and BFFs yesterday because I had to rush off for a movie. Guilty. Man of Steel reminded me of Dragonball. I prefer the previous Clark Kent though, more dashing hehehehehe.

-inserts more girlish giggles which most probably would make you think that i’m a superficial person-

Walked around Bugis+ with mummy after the movie. We had dinner at this ramen village place which operates like how Marche does. I took a photo but something went wrong. I only came to find out that it did not save after all the ramen are already tucked safely in my tummy. Oh boy whatever.

Finished watching Fringe and returned Kaiying her DVDs (T__T) I really like September hahaha so I went to google him. It was a really bad decision because the actor was a Broadway cast and oh my god I had to cringe at all the non-September-related photos and shake my head and think to myself “NO NO NO! You are an Observer. You are not supposed to have eyebrows and any form of expression!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!” Then I had to complain to Kaiying (heh heh sorry) and make her listen to all my post-Fringe depression syndrome symptoms.

The weather is getting really unbearable. Hot’s okay, humid’s not!

Anyhow, I had a dream last night which involves internship, angmohs, nghuimin, FC5, yongtaufoo, uncle shawnjee and a duane-cheeguan hybrid selling yongtaufoo. It was quite a disturbing dream if you haven’t already figured it out. LOL.


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