How are you? How are you again?

My laugh point was very low yesterday.


Okay it’s probably not funny to anyone other than me because I kept wanting to laugh yesterday and had no idea why.

Things that made me chuckle to myself:

1. Matias’ tooth extraction.
2. 包大人’s random (yet abundant and amusing) sound effects.
3. Ah pek going ‘wee-woot-wee-woot’ on his bike because he didn’t have a bell installed.

Aside from the constant urge to burst into uncontrollable laughter yesterday, I have another problem.

What is the polite and correct answer to the question, “How are you?”

The rate of me being asked that question is directly proportional to my dislike for it. Which is A LOT. And my answer is a default (and ultimately super lame and timid) okay. Then the conversation with the other party would come to a halt even when it hasn’t even started properly yet.

I feel that “How are you?” is more of a conversation stopper rather than starter. But I figured that people won’t stop asking me that question anytime soon. Therefore, there’s an urgent need for some solutions, teehee.

A list of possible ways to deal with or ward off “How are you?” awkward situations:

1. “Good! How about you?”

*flings question back*

At the same time, sounding like you genuinely care for the opposite party. Ha! If you are lucky, the conversation may even continue on if the asker is a chatty person.

2. “How are YOU?”

Ask them before they can ask you!

3. “Not good, blah diddy blah blah blah”

Elaborate on every tiny detail about all sorts of bad things that happened to you last week. I bet you’ll never have to face another “How are you?” awkward situation with the same person ever again. Beware! Excessive usage might produce negative results, i.e the other party might just shun you forever!

I’d probably still stick to my lame ‘okay’ because I’m lame like that 😦

The haze got really bad yesterday. The smell of burning forest filled my nose and lungs constantly and I woke with an irritated respiratory tract this morning.

Today’s a good day. It’s SJJ’s birthday! I’m not sure if I’ve screwed up the RT-PCR. We shall see tmr. Meanwhile, let me go and pray for everything to be alright.


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