Jack of all trades, master of none.

I’m no specialist.
This really makes it difficult to choose a career path.

Midipreps are fun. Really. Except the part where we’ve got to handle the big-ass centrifuge. Couldn’t pay with my life man. If I ever spoil one, that is. Anyway, I’m pretty glad I waited at the huge machine for 5 minutes a few weeks ago for fear of imbalances and becoming a slave to IMCB forever (LOL) or having to pay with my limbs or something. That’s how I got to make an acquaintance, whose name I still have no idea how to spell nor pronounce ._. Anyway, he’s a very friendly guy from the opposite lab!

Lab spring cleaning yesterday. Finally a decent chat with Aurelie. She’s such a nice lady! I enjoy one-to-one communication like these, especially when both parties are not particularly pressed for time. It’s a pity we don’t really have much interaction opportunities. The same goes for other people in the lab 😦

Had jajangmyeon (recommended by daiqian) with Jillyn yesterday. The noodles were fantastic and it’s a really great place to meet up for a chat or something 🙂

Anyway, here’s the Hail Reaction Remix:

It’s super-duper funny. This auntie is too cute!

I love Haikus. They are so beautiful.

I enjoy being alone in the dark room too.


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