It’s so easy to leave me,

all alone with the memory, of our days in the sun.


I am currently procrastinating. Three weeks’ worth of experimental details are missing from the IMCB logbook. Times like these, I really wish I had a Pensive and perhaps a Quick Quotes Quill. I’d prefer the former, of course.

This week had been a rather happening one:


Achieved a 0.999 R-squared value for my standard curve at last. Happiness paralyzed me.


啊嬤’s birthday dinner. I would have gotten lost in Chinatown if not for the phone which has proved to be smarter than me. Two people even asked me for directions (lol) and in teochew some more. It was a good feeling, being able to point them in the right direction. But the fact that I couldn’t speak, or even understand my dialect saddens me to no end.

 photo IMG_2945_zps87430ceb.jpg

The longevity bun – a must for every birthday celebration for the elderly.
It also greatly resembles a buttock, especially so when the lotus paste filling leaks out. Childhood joke.


Early morning visit to the dentist. Yes, I am fully aware that a dental appointment is most probably not what normal people would include in their List of Happening Events. But for someone with a pathetically puny social circle, a orthodontist whom she’s been meeting for five minutes every month for 2.5 years is an entirely different story altogether. This applies to Thursday’s happenings, too.


Circle line train delay. Chanced a meeting with Jaini and Nelson.


Reached the lab at 7.30am. I loved the experience – quiet, peaceful, stress-free environment. Attended Fisher Scientific’s 40th anniversary seminar with the class! (Thermo Scientific reminds me of Massive Dynamic) TBH, I do not see any reason why this was made compulsory for us. Nevertheless, it was nice catching up with some of my classmates.

Buffet. Freezing cold theater. LCMS. Cyrotubes. Hot tea. Labels. Weighing. Toilets. Gastronomy. Beer. Cake on Khairul’s shoes. iPad mini for GIS’s Chua Victor _________ (some unknown guy). MRT ride in which I made a fool of myself, mixing up Polo Sweets and Polar Cakes. Swim, failed Mac&Cheese and chat with Daiqian.


SPSEC meeting.

 photo IMG_2965_zps1bf4c4a6.jpg

Despicable Me 2 with Kaiying.

 photo IMG_2968_zps21a8abab.jpg

And I got my hands on her copy of the coolest book in the universe(s)! September’s notebook! Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow. The remaining of our time was spent browsing books at Popular.

My nose is mutilated.

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