There was a shift in wind direction, a massive wave of sand particles and countless minute brown particulate matter started engulfing buildings. This huge sandstorm was approaching our house at an alarmingly speed. I shouted for DGG to shut all the windows.


BFF trip to a water theme park. The rest went missing shortly after, leaving behind Sean and I. Weird. He insisted that we play a few rides in spite of his apparent fear of them. Weirder. At the exit/entrance, Ahmah was paying for a ticket to enter the water park. Weirdest.


My iPhone was broken before the contract’s up. I was ELATED. There’s finally a legit reason for me to revert back to using my trusty (albeit a little dusty, and possibly rusty) Nokia 3100.


I strolled across the cross junction when the red man was lighted up.


Everyday for the past week, I’ve been having lunch with Dor, Lizzy, Sarah, Darcy and Victor. All is well.



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